Super Bowl Insights from an Oreo Tweet

3 Insights from an Oreo Cookie Tweet

Fast and Funny was the theme for this year’s best super bowl ads – whether Deion Sanders reliving rookie glory days with a jheri-curl afro, or Audi’s Prom Kiss, the Budweiser Clydesdale love story, Cola’s security camera moments – to deliver the humor, deliver the story swiftly and furiously.

Whether a guffaw, pang to the gut, or the tug on your heartstrings – the most successful (or talked about) interactions with the 2013 Super Bowl audience were clever, quick and personable.

This is why the Oreo cookie tweet made so much ado – a brand team sitting with access to top executives in a NASA-type control room, ready for the game (literally), positioned themselves to come up with something beyond the prescription of a commercial. It was inherently social. Fancy that!

15,300+ Retweets and 5,400 Favorites (in counting) of the Oreo cookie tweet shows three trends you will see more of this year with the rise of client comfort and education on social platforms:

1. Be conversational.

Talk. Like. A. Human. Bueller? Bueller? Yea, don’t be that guy. Be the other guy – the guy you want to talk to at the obligatory dinner party. Does he make you cross-eyed with boredom and formality, and talk only about himself? Nope. He makes you laugh. Or at least he makes you feel good.

2. Be relevant.

Act in the moment – the largest success of the Oreo team was putting together an actionable team that had all the powers to make a decision, execute it, and amplify it in the moment.

3. Be actionable.

There’s no need to reserve this Varsity-team power for Super Bowl-only events. There is a need for evolution in processes – 15,000+ Retweets is the perfect case-in-point. Newsjacking comes in all sizes.