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3 Reasons Facebook’s Spring-Cleaning of Page Likes is Good News

In the next couple of weeks, Page Likes on your Facebook Page might drop. Facebook is dusting out the corners of its platform and has come up with a new and more efficient way to count Page Likes.

From now on, only accounts that are actually active will be counted and all deactivated Facebook accounts will be removed. Deactivated accounts are either inactive because their owners have requested it or because they have passed away, so in terms of engagement there is not much use in keeping these on your list of Likes anyway.

Even though your Page is likely to lose Likes, there’s three reasons why this initiative is good news for your social community:

  1. By cleaning out inactive accounts your audience data will be up to date.
  2. With improved audience measures you will be able to draw more precise insights on your community.
  3. Finding new people interested in your Page will also get easier as targeting people who look like your audience will be more precise.


So don’t worry too much if your Like count is dropping but happily wave goodbye to empty Likes and engage with the active members of your community instead.