3 Reasons Meerkat is All the Hype Right Now

What is it?

Meerkat is a live video streaming app that debuted about two weeks ago but really picked up traction thanks to SXSW. It uses your Twitter log-in and once you click “stream”, the app Tweets out a Meerkat URL to your followers of your live filming. Followers can then Tweet at you and it’ll show up in the app.


Why is it so popular?

1. The creators played it smart and released it right before SXSW. They knew their target audience of tech-savvy users would be in attendance. However, many start-ups also release their products during these tech festivals every year but don’t fare so well.

2. Meerkat was able to rise above the noise because it is different from anything on the market – the best apps gain traction when it enhances an experience or adds value. We already know apps that allow instant, real-time sharing (Instagram, Snapchat) is where the younger audience is spending their time. An app like Meerkat allows users to share to their network exactly what they’re doing at that exact time. Once the livestream ends, the URL will become inactive.

3. It’s also helped that Twitter has kicked up a bit of a fuss about allowing Meerkat to access it’s social graph since Twitter is working on releasing video apps of their own. It’s attempted crack-down on Meerkat has only furthered interest in the app.

What marketers should do…

Try it out! Incorporate Meerkat into plans for producing a new form of video content at events, teaser looks behind the scenes, exclusive live access for social audiences, and more.

For inspiration, keep an eye on how early adopters Starbucks, Red Bull, and Jimmy Fallon are using the app.