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3 Social Media Trends for 2014


‘Content marketing’ is the buzz term of 2013 and as a result, every brand (and their corresponding agencies) is on the hook to constantly create content. The desire to continually satiate the online hunger for more, more, more means that the content created in turn becomes smaller, faster and, unsurprisingly, quicker to consume.

Here are three trends we see will play out during 2014:

Trend 1: Disposable Content

With the rise of Snapchat as a platform, disposable content will be prevalent in 2014 as more and more content will be put on display by brands. There are two ways to look at disposable content: One through disappearing content on Snapchat and the other through deleted content posted by brands that ends up getting picked up by the Buzzfeeds and the Reddits of the world.


More brands will be looking to find ways to utilize Snapchat and tap into the teen market like Taco Bell did when announcing their new Beefy Crunch Burrito

On the other side of the spectrum, there will inevitably be more social mistakes where brands will pull down content but not before the internet has captured a screenshot like what happened with Charmin.


The marketing strategy goes by many names. From agile to reactive, from responsive to real-time – but the preparation and commitment required to make throwaway content such a success remains the same.

Here are three tips to help you in this process:

1. Be prepared and have you approval process sorted
2. Hire A+ talent to make great content that’s worth missing.
3. Speed is of the essence so be quick, be nimble and be agile.


Trend 2: Brand Banter

When social media arrived, industry commentators heralded a new era of 2-way conversation between brands and consumers. What they didn’t bank on was the same 2-way conversation being opened up between brands.

We’ve been talking about brands ‘Being Human’ in social for the best part of seven years, but finally some of them are getting the hint.


AT&T and T-Mobile  began a Twitter feud over the attention of a potential customer when John Leger, CEO of T-Mobile stepped in and promptly ended any further discussion between the two brands.




Being a fun brand on Twitter will always endear you to your followers, just keep in mind that your customers will need you from time to time too.

Before engaging in brand banter, make sure to ask yourself these three questions:

1. Is my voice authentic?
2. Am I within my brand guidelines?
3. Am I being stupid right now?


Trend 3: Subdividing Social Communities

As global brands have pushed harder to engage with brand fans, communities have grown into the millions. But many are using this as an opportunity to reach mass audiences with one-too-many messages.

Connecting with smaller groups within communities for more substantive, relevant dialogue is difficult and often inefficient.

Facebook’s Custom Audiences tool provides improved targeting where paid content will appear in users’ newsfeeds. More data about community members is available from the API as well. The result is the improved ability to target relevant content more effectively at smaller community segments.


Four principles will drive success in talking to smaller segments of your community to improve content effectiveness and lead to higher engagement.

1. Target members with themed content consistent with the content that caused them to join or that they have engaged with recently.
2. Get a conversation going among a small group within the community around their focused interest.
3. Leaders in each interest area are potentially powerful advocates, both within and beyond the community.
4. Watch their interactions with other brand content to identify adjacent interests, then work to fuel their interest in those topics.


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