4 Marketing to Moms Trends Your Brand Should Follow In 2015

With smartphone usage on the rise, mobile is becoming the number one outlet for accessing social media and video content. This year, 83% of moms say they own a smartphone and 60% own a tablet (eMarketer, 2014). Recognizing this shift, it’s important for brands to focus on where moms are consuming their marketing messages first and tailor content to fit those channels.

Combined below are marketing trends we’ve begun to see add value for brands that we work with. We also saw many of these trends as themes at M2Moms conference in Chicago. Ogilvy was a sponsor of the event, and I had a chance to network with a number of brands to discuss these trends:

Mom is on mobile first: 

The next generation of moms is now, and they make up a part of the single, largest population in the US: millennials (18-34 years old). Millennial moms are two things: social and mobile. Ninety-one percent are on Facebook, 46% are on Instagram and 39% are on Twitter. On average, they spend 65.9 hours per month on mobile (versus 49.1 hours on desktop) and 648 more minutes per month using their mobile device than millennials without kids.* Therefore, reaching the millennial mom through these two channels is crucial to the marketing plan.

Stand out with authenticity:

A more authentic content tone and voice resonates with the modern mom. She can pinpoint when she’s being marketed to and when she’s being treated as a valued community member. Creating a friendly tone of voice, like she’s having a conversation with her girlfriends, is appealing.

Short video leads to sharing:

Focus on snackable video as opposed to just snackable content for better sharing and engaging. With popular social platforms like Instagram and Vine limiting video content to 15 seconds or less, there has been a shift toward using short videos to tell the brand story. For example, one of the brands I work with found that organic Instagram video posts on Facebook saw on average 33% more reach and 446% more engagement than other organic status updates with similar messaging points.

Moms want information when it is relevant to them:

She is looking for entertainment and advice. Short clips for entertainment and how-to tutorials are the most watched videos by moms on their smartphones (eMarketer, 2014). Stay relevant and authentic by showing an interest in what mom is passionate about just like she’s passionate about anything her kids are passionate about.

*Source: M2Moms Conference session with, Josh Himwich, VP, Product for The Bump Registry

 Photo source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/35448539@N00/4773693893/