5 ways social media can drive value across the customer journey


Social is too often seen as ‘what do we put on our Facebook page?’ But the oldest marketing finding in the book is that word of mouth, from our friends, family and peers, is incredibly important in influencing which brands we notice, buy, are loyal to and recommend. So there is a huge, but often neglected, opportunity to use Social strategically, across customer journeys.

So what can you do to use Social strategically, and what are the neglected tactics for getting returns from Social? 

OgilvyOne have been scouring the world for the most practical ways to drive sales, loyalty, advocacy and collaboration, whether you are a charity or soap powder. From the cars sold through Facebook to the logistics company that accidentally shows its customers what a bad job it is doing, I show you five neglected ways to keep your CMO happy, and some common pitfalls.