6 Twitter Handles Every Social Media Professional Should Follow

The social media world moves fast and there’s an insane amount of best practices, latest news, studies, reports, case studies, metrics etc. that go along with it. For those who make social media their profession (or part of it), it’s nearly impossible to stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest. Below, in no particular order, are six resources that help me stay on top of things or at least help me keep the facade of a social media specialist up for one more day.

  1. @sysomos
    Leading provider of social media analytics. Enabling Business Intelligence for social media
    I’m a stat freak. I’m still impressed by the number of people on Facebook, the number of tweets that are sent each day, etc. That’s why I like @Sysomos they blend interesting, useful analytics tweets (Tweeting from Egypt has increased by 60% in the past week. See some stats here – http://bit.ly/gv9mOh #twitter #egypt) with straightforward blog post tweets (Is there such thing as too much engagement? – http://awe.sm/5FcYm).
  2. @mashable
    Breaking social media, tech and digital news and analysis from Mashable.com, the top resource and guide for all things web. Updates from @mashable staff.
    Yeah, I know, no surprise here. Seriously though, not a day goes by that I don’t Favorite a @mashable tweet on my cell to read later. They’re on top of the latest changes to various platforms (Facebook To Launch Third-Party Commenting Platform – http://on.mash.to/dNNH8I [UPDATED: With Comments from Facebook], they alert me to cool things (10 Incredible Interactive YouTube Videos – http://on.mash.to/eEDayx), they have useful best practices (HOW TO: Optimize Your Company’s LinkedIn Profile – http://on.mash.to/ebZrgP), they provide interesting stats and infographics (Americans & TV: How Social Media Users Watch Video [INFOGRAPHIC] – http://on.mash.to/gj2HB) they got it all and I’m extremely jealous and grateful.
  3. @socialnetdaily
    Our mission is to provide our subscribers with the very best resources for Social Media to help them grow their business!
    @socialnetdaily has clearly done their research and knows that their audience likes and responds well to lists. 5 Ways, 8 Tips, 20 Facts are how the majority of their tweets start. Their tweets may be formulaic, but I fall for them every time. Knowing when I read the tweet, that I’m only have to read 5, 8 or 20 things and that they’re probably going to be in a list, makes me want to click and I almost always do. Their tweets promise and always deliver practical advice that you can often implement immediately.
  4. @socialmedia2day
    World’s best bloggers on Social Media and Web 2.0
    First, I love their logo I’m pretty sure that color scheme will influence my next interior design project. Second, I love their handle description, World’s best bloggers It’s like all the places in New York that put up a sign, #World’s best bagels.” Aside from that, they are an incredible resource for case studies (Southwest Airlines Social Media Strategy Lessons for All Organizations http://goo.gl/fb/XZQ6I), stats and infograhics (65 Terrific Social Media Infographics http://goo.gl/fb/5TV6L), new technology and platforms (Daniel Kehrar asks… are you using Yammer yet? Well, are you? http://fb.me/zrBbgjeO), and everything in between.
  5. @InsideNetwork
    Inside Network – Focused on the Facebook platform and social gaming ecosystem InsideFacebook.com InsideSocialGames.com InsideVirtualGoods.com
    Although not all of @InsideNetwork’s tweets are of interest to me, they do seem to be the ultimate authority on everything Facebook and I find about 1 in 10 of their tweets really helpful (e.g. Facebook Confirms Removal of Suggest to Friends Feature from Pages, Reducing Virality http://bit.ly/fdr9oi and Facebook’s Redesigned Page Creation Flow Helps Admins Choose a Category http://bit.ly/eQJWye). I also love what other brands and organizations are doing on Facebook, making their weekly tweet/blog post featuring various Facebook campaigns a “must click.”
  6. @Pew_Internet
    The Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project, a nonprofit, nonpartisan research organization. Twitter feed managed by @SusannahFox & @kzickuhr.
    Possibly an odd addition to the list, but @Pew_Internet provides a continuous supply of research and data that I am repeatedly referencing during my work. Although their research covers the much broader issue of everything online, they’re a great resource for social media use among various demographics.

So, do tell, what are some of your must follow Twitter handles? What resources do you find invaluable in your work every day?

P.S.  You can easily follow all of the Twitter handles listed above with one quick click.