The Display Facebook Cover Photo

Add Value, Be Exclusive, And Fuel Fan Power


Seeing the glass half-empty or half-full is a matter of perception. We all know that. However, if framed right, the perception of something being “half-empty” may actually seem very appealing. That same appeal ties back to engagement.

In recent work for our Nescafé client, we used a glass tank, containing 66 lbs of coffee beans, and an idea. We took a static Facebook cover photo and transformed it into a real-life object and an “exclusive first-look” moment. In order to reveal the new Nescafé tin to its Facebook fans, OgilvyOne Athens decided to use the cover photo as a real-time display.


It filled it with coffee beans, hidden inside a new tin, and asked the fans to use their “Like” power in order to reveal it. The more the fans Liked the cover photo, the more coffee beans were removed. After all the coffee beans were removed and the glass tank was empty, fans got an exclusive first-look on the new Nescafé tin.

There are three key principles that you should take away from this.

1) The exclusive first-look is powerful. Utilize your “fan power.” Another brand that recently did a great job at tapping this principle is Marvel. Marvel recently used this tactic with the release of the Iron Man 3 trailer. As a fan Liked the page, they re-energized Tony Stark’s Arc reactor. After the Arc reactor was fully charged, Marvel released the preview to the Iron Man 3 trailer.

2) Always offer value, and keep in mind there is a value exchange when it comes to engagement. If you are going to ask a Facebook fan or a potential Facebook fan to do something for your page, make sure you offer something in return.

3) Facebook engagement is a two-way street and the Facebook page must meet fans (or potential fans) in the middle. By creating clever ways to interact with fans, the effort and action proves the page put the time in to think about what the fan desires. This goes a long way.

Furthermore, here is a video which shows a behind the scenes look at what went into transforming Nescafé’s Cover Photo into an engaging Facebook event.

Nescafé Cover Photo Display – Case Study from OgilvyOne Athens on Vimeo.