Social@Ogilvy Social Media Week 2013 Schedule – #SMWOgilvy

Events in Four Cites

New York

February 19th

Panel title: Mocial RX: Leveraging Mobile & Social in Healthcare

Location: Ogilvy & Mather Theater

Time: 2:00pm – 3:00pm

Summary: Health discussions have moved beyond a single screen and one-on-one exchanges. Mobile and social — what some call “Mocial” — is all about a new platform of on-the-go device and broader discussion. From geofencing to quantified self to the second screen, this lively exchange explores how “our networked life” influences behavior change, removes barriers, and adds value to connected communities.

  • Buddy Scalera, SVP, Interactive Content & Market Research, Ogilvy CommonHealth
  • John Nosta, EVP, Senior Strategist, Ogilvy CommonHealth
  • Andrea Hackett, Account Supervisor, Digital Strategy, Social@Ogilvy

Panel title: Pharma & Social: Better Apart?

Location: Ogilvy & Mather Theater

Time: 3:30pm – 4:30pm

Summary: The social health space continues to rapidly evolve, pivoting to serve new needs and voices faster than most pharmaceutical companies are used to acting.  Patients, caregivers, even doctors seem to do just fine taking advantage of existing forums to discuss their health concerns. Is there room for in the social sphere for prescription drug brands? Mixed views and industry case studies fuel a provocative discussion on whether and how Pharma can truly add value to these already active conversations.

  • Chris Cullman, VP, Digital Strategy, Ogilvy CommonHealth
  • Scott Friedberg, Director, Digital Strategy, Ogilvy CommonHealth
  • Andrew Teie, Senior Digital Strategist, Ogilvy & Mather

Panel title: The Social Engagement Hub: Re-Imagining The Contact Center As A Critical Marketing Tool

Time: 2:30pm – 4:00pm

Location: Advertising & Marketing Hub JWT NYC

Summary: Consumer demands for a new kind of relationship with the companies they buy from has changed how we manage customer relationships: forever.

In this session, Joshua March (CEO and Co-Founder of Conversocial), Evan Shumeyko (CRM Engagement Practice, Ogilvy), Michael Brito (Social Business Strategy at Edelman Digital) and Alon Waisman, Social Media Operations Manager at GoDaddy) discuss The Social Engagement Hub: How do marketing departments and contact centers need to evolve and restructure to deliver the best experience over social channels? Good customer service becomes your marketing strategy when the consumer is king.

  • Marketers, Social Media Managers and Customer Service Directors can join us to discuss:
  • How to build a Social Engagement Hub to bring stakeholders together
  • Why C-Level management should get behind Social Customer Service
  • How pro-active social customer service can revolutionize the contact center of the future
  • Success stories of companies offering unified and coherent customer engagement through social media.

February 20th

Panel title: A Conversation with David Karp, Founder of Tumblr: Brands Connecting Inside the Index of Passions

Time: 10:30am – 11:30am

Location: Ogilvy & Mather Theater

Summary: Join us as for a candid conversation with David Karp who has created one of the fastest growing communities of people sharing what they care about most. How can brands participate in Tumblr with meaningful brand or business impact and how do we do it without spoiling the beauty of Tumblr? Join Social@Ogilvy’s John Bell as he asks David Karp about his vision for brands and Tumblr.

  • John Bell, Global Managing Director, Social@Ogilvy

Panel title: The Rise of the New Community Manager: A Discussion with Ford, Whole Foods, iHeartRadio, and Ogilvy on the New Brand Role

Time: 12:00pm – 1:00 pm

Location: Ogilvy & Mather Theater

Summary: As more and more brands commit to Facebook, Twitter, and other social communities, the stakes of managing millions of fan relationships is rising. Increasingly the job of the community manager is evolving to a more complex and even senior role. Join Social@Ogilvy and hear from those in the trenches and those shaping how brands are managing fans and customer relationships. What are the new skills of the community manager? How will they fit into traditional organizations?

Panel title: The Live Google+ Jam with Caterpillar: How to exploit Google+ to its Fullest

Time:  1:30pm – 2:30pm

Location: Ogilvy & Mather Theater

Summary: Is it plumbing or is it search? Is it Hangouts or Communities? Stop all the hype and anti-hype. We’re going to roll up our sleeves and demonstrate just how brands can use Google+ today and tomorrow. We’ll be working through a LIVE session with Google+, Caterpillar and Social@Ogilvy to create the prototypical, full-out program for the world’s leading B2B brand – Caterpillar. It will be fast-paced, messy and insightful.

  • Gemma Craven, Executive Vice President, Social@Ogilvy
  • Dan Schreibstein, Vice President, Social@Ogilvy
  • Kevin Espinosa, Social Media Manager, Global Marketing Services, Caterpillar
  • Deitra Mara, Head of Social Solutions, NA, Google

Panel title: The Future of Social Customer Care

Time: 3:00pm – 4:00pm:

Location: Ogilvy & Mather Theater

Summary: Participate in a LIVE demonstration with Social@Ogilvy showcasing the next model of engaging social customers with meaningful dialogue, structure and cross-platform integration. You’ll want to attend if you have encountered any problems like these:

  • Are your customers putting service requests on a Facebook page that’s controlled by the marketing team so customer service reps can’t respond?
  • Is it impossible to keep up with spikes in social media activity?
  • Do you need to learn how to transition from a 1:1 response to a 1: many?

To participate, you can start in the weeks before the event using hashtag #SMWOgilvy to propose topics and challenge the panel with the questions our industry is currently facing in social customer care. We’ll work with select panel members and a few participants who will be plucked from the audience to interact with this engaging exploration of the science of social, digital strategy, and technology

  • Evan Shumeyko – Director, North  American CRM & Customer Engagement at OgilvyOne Worldwide
  • Jeff Simmermon – Director of Digital Communication, Time Warner Cable
  • Phil Blum – Social Media Customer Care Manager, Time Warner Cable
  • Dave Evans –  VP, Social Strategy at Lithium Technologies
  • Rebecca Lieb – Digital Advertising and Media Analyst at Altimeter Group

Panel title: Marketing Without Words

Time: 6:00pm – 10:00pm

Location: Stollway Event Space, 250 West 39th Street, NYC

Consumers are increasingly communicating with brands using images, not words. Visual platforms like Pinterest and Instagram offer exciting opportunities for marketers to create emotional connections with consumers, driving greater discovery, clicks, and revenue. On February 20, during Marketing Without Words: Social Engagement Through Imagery, industry thought leaders from social’s most successful brands and agencies (speaker lineup below) will come together to discuss the future of social media and how they’re leveraging Pinterest and Instagram to grow their audience, form stronger relationships with consumers, and drive serious revenue.

  • Kristin Fernholz, Managing Partner, Fashmark
  • Kate Gold, Social Media Director, Food Network
  • Jamie Gutfreund, Chief Strategy Officer, The Intelligence Group, CAA
  • Adam Hirsch, SVP, Emerging Media & Technology, Edelman Digital
  • Irfan Kamal, Senior Vice President, Social@Ogilvy
  • Summer Krecke, Director of Content Strategy, Digital Brand Architects
  • Jon Lombardo, Social Media COE, Leader, General Electric
  • Danielle Trencher, Senior Social Media Manager, Meredith Inc.
  • Farryn Weiner, Director of Social Media, Worldwide, Michael Kors

February 21st

Panel title: The Gif That Keeps on Giving

Time: 12:30pm – 2:00pm

Location: Helen Mills Theater, 137-139 W 26th Street NYC

Summary: Since adding some of the first animation to websites of the 80’s and 90’s, the animated Gif has enjoyed a renaissance in the age of Social Media. Emphasizing simple wit rather than flashy technology, animated GIFs have also become increasingly popular with advertisers. Our presenters will look at brands’ and agencies’ use of animated gif advertising and ask what’s next for this resilient medium.

Panel title: Masterclass Community Management 3.0 – The Evolution the Most Dynamic Role in Marketing

Time:  2:00 – 3:15pm


SMW Global HQ – NYC

125 West 18th Street

New York, NY 10011

Summary: Calling all community managers! It’s one of the most dynamic roles in the marketing industry, and as the social media landscape continues to evolve, so do the community manger’s responsibilities and required skills. This interactive class, led by two of Social@Ogilvy’s community management experts, will focus on “Community Management 3.0” – the new job description, new and common challenges, industry leaders putting it to practice, real-life scenarios for discussion and more to prepare you to take your brand to the next level.

  • Ashley Hurst, Director of Business Development & Account Director, Social@Ogilvy
  • Dhara Naik, Account Supervisor, Social@Ogilvy

Panel title: The British Pub Quiz Hosted by Chingwag

Time: 6:00 -7:30pm

Location: Ogilvy & Mather Theater

Summary: The famous, or should that be infamous, British Pub Quiz, dive deep into your brain to fish out those gems of knowledge, you know you once knew, but can’t remember how. Updated especially for SMWNYC, this quiz, hosted by Chinwag, is a chance to pit your social media wits against the crowd with a few British-themed brainteasers to win the title of social media brainbox. It’s a networking event, a workshop, a seminar and a bit of fun all-rolled into one with a few drinks to oil the wheels. It’s a chance to meet, mingle and get-to-know the group of Brits taking part in the Digital Mission to SMWNYC, a group of the UK’s leading digital startups and agencies, looking to launch and expand in New York. There’s prizes for the winning teams and a chance to enjoy a drink, test your brain power, meet, chat and connect, so come on down and join the Brits in one of our favorite past times.

February 22nd

Panel title: Contextual Awareness – What Is The Future of Social Intelligence?

Time: 2:30 – 4:30 pm

Location: Business and Entrepreneurship Hub at Bloomberg

731 Lexington Avenue

New York, NY 10022

Summary: How can social data make you and your phone smarter? How do apps such as Google Now (& Google Glass) easily take disparate data sources and help enhance your life? How does all this information make your life more efficient? The panel will discuss what current solutions exist as well as what is to come and what’s the timeline.

  • Gemma Craven, Executive Vice President, Social@Ogilvy
  • Stuart Tracte, Account Director, Social@Ogilvy
  • Brett Martin, Co-Founder & CEO, Sonar
  • Greg Wester, EVP Business Development, GM Research, Mobile Posse
  • Wesley Barrow, Co-Founder, Nomi


February 18th

Panel title: Hyperlocal: The key success factor of the web of tomorrow?

Time: 3:30pm – 4:30pm

Location: Palais Brongniart – Petit Auditorium – Paris

Summary: Connect together two people thousands of miles away, as initially appeared to be the greatest achievement of the internet. Anyway, today the web allows each user to know the right plan restaurant at the corner of the street, the essential information of the football club of his neighborhood or that of his friends walk within 30 meters. Finally, hyperlocal has become a very strong trend of Web 2.0. This dimension is particularly important now for social networks trying to provide relevant information to their users. The hyperlocal did he become the niche social web of tomorrow? Is it enough to be hyper to be relevant to users?

  • Moderator: David Mennesson, Director Tellmewhere
  • Rasmus Michau, Founder,
  • Natalie Rastoin, Managing Director, Ogilvy France
  • Raphael Chenol, Head & Tablets New Media, Mobility Services Directorate, PagesJaunes
  • Jerome Léger, Founder Admoove

February 21st

Panel title: Crisis communication in the event of social media

Time: 2:00pm – 2:45pm

Location: Palais Brongniart – Petit Auditorium – Paris

Crisis communication has always existed. Nevertheless, the emergence of the internet and social media in particular has upset its fundamentals. They have indeed brought the crisis communication in a temporality much narrower and require today unprecedented responsiveness to the risk of mistakes. Social media should they be media communication around a crisis? How to manage the immediacy while keeping the mastery of this communication?

Eric Maillard, Directeur Général, Ogilvy PR

Panel title: Social CRM: real communication tool or customer service?

Time: 3:00pm – 4:30pm

Location: Palais Brongniart – Petit Auditorium – Paris

Historically limited by the media (mail, telephone…), the customer relationship is under going a revolution with social media. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs and forums are all means of expression for dissatisfied customers. Brands are now faced with new forms of interaction with their customers and prospects through social platforms for the new generation. What are the challenges of social CRM? What practice sand tools used are they different from traditional CRM? What are the best practices?

Washington DC

February 22nd

Panel title: It’s Not Just About Likes: Measuring the Effectiveness of Social Media

Time: 9am – 10am

Location: Ogilvy Washington DC

Summary: Generating great content and engaging social media conversations can be exciting, but does it affect the behavior of your target audience? Is all of your social media activity resulting in your desired actions? In this session we’ll take a look at a framework for measuring social media efforts to gauge their effectiveness at creating real behavior change, not just engagement.

Panel title: Juggling Social Media Across Cultures

Time: 11am – 12pm

Location: Ogilvy Washington DC

Summary: Take a dozen social platforms, multiply by distribution technologies, add in multiple languages and then divide by cultural differences both subtle and overt and you’ve got a social media manager with a heart attack. Join Ogilvy, Noor, the World Bank, USAID and more to calculate the keys to success.

Panel title: Transportation in a Shared Economy

Time: 2pm – 3pm

Location: Ogilvy Washington DC

Summary: The Taxicab Commission is battling Uber, a public bicycle rental service is changing the face of city streets and any mobile developer with a few hours to spare can use free public data to build an app to compete with Metro’s. What does public transportation look like now that the public — and not the city — is firmly in charge?

Panel title: Show, Don’t Tell: The Rise of the Visual Web

Time:  4pm – 5pm
Location: Ogilvy Washington DC

Summary: With the rapid popularity of Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram, 2012 was a breakout year for visual content marketing. As social audiences access more and more social content through mobile devices, consumption habits trend toward succinct content with strong imagery and design. Learn how to make a picture worth a thousand words — and figure out how to cut through the legalese of those Terms of Service (ahem, Instagram…) and learn who really owns and can profit from the pictures you post.


February 20th

Panel title: What makes great social?

Time: 4:30pm – 5:30pm

Summary: There is much debate about what drives memorable social media marketing. Is it an idea built on a social insight? A social campaign that drove sales? An experience that leveraged the latest platform? Join three social brand managers as they unveil the secret ingredients that drive social for their brands. Networking event to follow the session.

SXSW PanelPicker 2013


For the 2013 SXSW Interactive Festival, Ogilvy has proposed to host ten sessions and our experts have been invited to participate in three-hosted sessions. Topics cover globalization, mobile, big data, disruption, sports, talent, viral, and emerging trends.

Here is a review on each session. Please take a moment to vote on the panel that you would like to see represented at SXSW, and please share and promote within your network. Your public vote accounts for 30% of the decision-making process on the panel submission, along with SXSW Advisory Board (40%) and the input of the SXSW staff (30%). Voting will close on Friday, August 31st, 2012.

Lost in Translation: Global Social Contrast

With such a diverse landscape of social media, technology, cultural and behavior differences around the globe, how do you deliver social media solutions that are relevant to local markets? How are social business solutions designed to differentiate the collaboration and advocacy in New York vs Hong Kong vs London? How do the strengths of social media drive value internally and in customer relationships, while at the same time managing risk? Our panel is built of a global team that works with iconic brands to “socialize” their businesses, creating fully integrated social media solutions for the new customer/stakeholder journey.

Brandon Berger, Ogilvy & Mather
Thomas Crampton, Social@Ogilvy
Kaitlyn Wilkins, Social@Ogilvy

Big Data and Clarity Through Visualization

Data. The word may not sound sexy, but here’s a thought that is: What would it mean for your business if you could turn your data—those sexy little numbers—into actionable strategies that drive real growth and revenues?

What is Big Data? Simply quantified by the four “Vs” of Volume, Variety, Veracity and Velocity, at Social@Ogilvy we believe in the value of data when it is used sparingly and in the business context. It’s not about grabbing everything, but enabling the simple gathering of key metrics that add up to and deliver valuable business insight.

Dimitri Maex, Managing Director, OgilvyOne New York and Scott McBride, Regional Business Director, Social and Digital at Ogilvy & Mather Asia Pacific, discuss how using the data you already have, along with data visualization techniques, will ease the concerns of business leaders.

Dimitri Maex, OgilvyOne Worldwide
Scott McBride, Ogilvy & Mather

Ripe for Disruption: Social Media Marketing

Is social media about to be destroyed by the same force that destroyed television? Because marketing and PR departments are using social media as the key vehicle to hock products and heighten conversation, its leading to a path of disruption or destruction of what once made social media exciting. Is social media as we know it ripe to be disrupted for another communication system or behavior? Is marketing communications ruining the social experience? Have you watched as social media has gone from its early stages (punk rock) to its current form (corporate rock sellout) where a one-size-fits-all methodology makes brands connecting with people an oxymoron?

Geoffrey Colon, futurist and trend hunter at Social@Ogilvy leads this discussion on how brands that begin to use social platforms in humanizing ways can save themselves from disinterest, while those that keep following the current path of over-amplification may find themselves on the road to extinction.

Geoffrey Colon, Social@Ogilvy

Who Got Game? Brits v. Yanks Football Showdown

Football can be traced back to the English public schools in the 18th century. The British Empire enabled its spread worldwide and by the 19th century, Americans were playing their own distinct regional version. Today we see two distinct sports being played on opposite sides of the pond. As the game has evolved, so too has fandom, with social media as the driver.

Today, fans are a highly interactive part of the sport. But is the sports world giving fans the experience they want? Which side of the pond is winning in engaging its fans in social? In the ultimate showdown, well answer that question in true sports fashion—a match to crown the “real” football champion. Mark Ward, Head of Social Media for UK soccer club, Tottenham Hotspur, and Chris Heydt of Social@Ogilvy will debate which sport is really winning with social media.

The debate features video questions from prominent players, and will determine who is scoring in social when it comes to fan recognition—soccer or football?

Chris Heydt, Social@Ogilvy
Mark Ward, Tottenham Hotspur

The Epic Rise And Evolution Of Bullsh*t

Never before in the history of humanity have so many people been lied to or manipulated on a daily basis. We are about to face several hundred million dollars worth of engineered bullsh*t in the form of political advertising this coming November. Add the usual parade of sugary drink marketing, bikini babe advertising, and biased “reporting” … and we’re facing the perfect storm of bullsh*t.

In this talk, we’ll look at the entertaining (and sometimes tragic) rise of propaganda and lies in history … as well as how social media has contributed to the problem. From the lessons of CIA body language experts to the secrets of the “lie doctor” — this exclusive solo session, influenced by the number-one best-selling book, Likeonomics, will offer a new hope for a bullsh*t-free future and what it will take to make it a reality. Not to mention how avoiding the bullsh*t trap can change your life for the better.

Rohit Bhargava, Social@Ogilvy

Viral is a Dirty Word Part 2: Content Paradigms

Remember when content was simple? Just “be present,” “join the conversation” or “make a viral.” You built a social media footprint, launched a few YouTube channels, started a Slideshare account, kicked-off Linked In communities and signed up for more Twitter handles than you have employees. There’s just one problem; now you have to create content to fill them.

Most brands aren’t comfortable being publishers, and many agencies are still partying like it is 1999… offering up expensive TV strategies with “digital components” like Web banners.

Very few marketers have addressed the on-going digital paradigm shift away from traditional short-term campaigns or one-hit wonders and towards a commitment to consistent, sustainable content of both quality and quantity.

Last year, we provided a cure for viral video; this year, we show how you can win by mastering content strategies by refining story arcs, addressing the content marketplace and making the most of tools you have.

Robert Davis, OgilvyOne Worldwide
Jeremy Sanchez, Global Strategies

Cram Your Mobile: New Cultural Norms for Social

In a world where we are constantly glued to our mobile devices, when is 24/7 connectedness all too much? Who better than to help answer this question than YOU–the most digitally savvy voices in the country? Together, we’ll write the mobile etiquette rules for the modern age through a lively, light debate.

During the session, we’ll have a sketch artist working in tandem with a writer to create a digital handbook for the new mobile manners, as crowd-sourced from audience input on the discussion topics. The rulebook will be immediately available for post-event download.

Jeff Simmermon, And I Am Not Lying and Time Warner Cable
Gemma Craven, Social@Ogilvy

Wednesday Word on Social

The Wednesday Word on Social is an almanac of trend-hunting. Hosts Gemma Craven and Geoffrey Colon (or the two “GCs”as they like to be known) delve into what the new platforms are, why you should pay attention, how tiny screens are taking over the world, and disruptive technologies and trends in social media.

Topics include points of view on the new offerings of Facebook and Twitter, to social crisis management, to new platforms like Airtime, to hashtag methodology. As long as it’s social and it’s trending, Wednesday Word is covering the news and providing personality and opinion on it. Come see two of the more known names in social discuss the happenings of SXSW in this engaging live recording of this informative podcast live from Austin 2013.

Geoffrey Colon, Social@Ogilvy
Gemma Craven, Social@Ogilvy

Digital Hiring: Buzzword experts or true talent?

Every industry is inundated with talent proclaiming their digital prowess. But who really has the goods? In a time where companies are only as good as the talent they bring in, hiring for digital has become increasingly difficult. All of a sudden, every resume reads the same. The culprit: “buzzwords experts.” In this panel, we will explore the industry buzzword trend, and how to weed out the real talent from the talkers.

Barbara Tejada, Ogilvy & Mather
Bertha Deshon, Ogilvy & Mather

Debating Responsive Design in Healthcare

Responsive Design, the hot topic debate of the mobile community, rages on as the two sides collide in the name of delivering the best mobile experience in healthcare. Not since the browser wars has one topic dominated the Web development and marketing community in such a diametrically opposed and heated debate.

Two seasoned experts in the digital healthcare and marketing community, heralding from Ogilvy CommonHealth, take the stage to openly argue the merits and shortcomings of Responsive Design as a viable strategy in the complex world of mobile Web development in healthcare.

On the affirmative, Chris Cullman, VP and Digital Strategist, argues the merits of responsive design, backed by instances and evidence of what it can offer the mobile healthcare community.

Taking the opposing viewpoint, Matt Balogh, SVP and Director of Technology, aims to demonstrate the dangers and pitfalls responsive can have in the complex and highly regulated world of digital healthcare marketing.

Matthew Balogh, Ogilvy CommonHealth
Chris Cullmann, Ogilvy CommonHealth

Is Big Still Beautiful?—Hosted by MEC

How do big agencies and small agencies partner with start-ups effectively?

In today’s changing landscape, big and small tech and media companies equally have an opportunity to partner with big-name brands to create transformative marketing programs for consumers and clients– but is that really true? Is that really happening?

Jack Bamberger, MEC
Teressa Iezzi, Fast Company’s Co. Create
Bill Clifford, SessionM
Brandon Berger, Ogilvy & Mather

Face Down, Apps Up hosted by Music Interactive

The explosion of digital platforms, propelled by social and mobile technologies, has increased the complexity of the buyer’s journey. How do modern marketing professionals evaluate technologies and new opportunities for their brands to create marketing programs that reach consumers in today’s attention economy? This panel is designed to explore how digital marketing professionals are “making it happen” and delivering results for their respective organizations. In this report from the frontlines, four marketers, all working in different industries, will share what’s working for them now, and how they tie it all together.

From strategic planning, messaging, media mix, and measurement, learn the techniques that drive acquisition, conversion, and retention. Bring your notepad, and questions for this interactive session will have actionable insights you can bring to begin activating back at your office.

Jason Kapler,  Networked Insights
Heather Park, Nars Cosmetics
Michael Berner, American Express
Gemma Craven, Social@Ogilvy

Rules of Attraction: Social Video and Entertainment–hosted by Unruly

Movie studios, video game publishers and TV networks have realized the conversion of social video in a marketing strategy has gone from optional to crucial. A two-minute trailer, episode promos, behind-the-scenes material, video game clips—all are critical components in any entertainment company’s social video marketing plan.

The challenge, however, is figuring out what kinds of video content, on which platforms, are more likely to be successful in igniting intrigue across every kind of audience on the social Web. The one-trailer-fits all approach, for example, might excite your average moviegoer or occasional gamer, but could be a huge turnoff to your ultimate fanboy, who’s seen the trailer multiple times before the movie or game is released.

Panelists will examine data from Unruly’s Viral Video Chart on some of the most viewed and shared entertainment-related social video content on the Web and discuss video content strategies that get people sharing before, during, and following a release.

Art Zeidman, Unruly
Jonathan Sackett, Ogilvy & Mather
Craig Parks Independent, Film Channel (IFC)

Doctor, Doctor My Data Is Killing Me!

The healthcare industry’s lack of proactivity has failed Danny. Its collection and representation of vital patient data is in critical condition. ‘Danny the Diabetic’ weighs 234lbs, has an HbA1c of 8.3%, a TC level of 7.4 mmol/L, his BP is 140/90mmHg and consumes 26,421 kcals p/week. Danny has no idea what this means. This must change because Danny now monitors his own health as part of the digital ‘Quantified Self’ phenomenon. Considered, design-led thinking could clarify Danny’s understanding of his health to change his behaviour and maybe even save his life.

This offers huge opportunities to the industry and its brands. Marketing professionals must catalyse this evolution by gathering, interpreting and communicating important insights. This multi-disciplinary panel discussion – featuring results from research undertaken specifically for the session– will offer unparalleled insight into this fascinating topic.

David Davenport-Firth, Ogilvy Commonhealth Worldwide
Thomas Goetz, Wired Magazine
James Heywood, PatientsLikeMe
Gary Wolf, The Quantified Self

600,000 Years of Health Communications

Flash back 600 thousand years & deconstruct the world’s first public health campaign. Learn how cave paintings were the prototype for sharing life-saving health messages.

Visual storytelling was (and still is) an effective way to share health messages. The story is illustrated in comic panels. We’ll share an entertaining tale about Grok, a caveman who uses cave paintings to teach his tribe to survive. Grok’s medical messages spread virally across multiple mediums, including mobile (leaves & rocks).

The story reveals Grok as a pioneer health educator who taught his people how to stay alive by avoiding poisonous berries & saber-tooth tigers.

And through Grok, modern communicators will learn how content strategy, health messaging, & visual branding hasn’t changed much in 600,000 years. You may be surprised what a Neanderthal can teach you about motivating patients.

It’s about storytelling. And we’re motivated by stories…because we’re all descendants of Grok.

Buddy Scalera, Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide

Death of a Sales Man – Pharma Going Digital

Already juggling shrinking sales teams and more legislative constraints, pharma companies are now confronting an uncontrollable shift in behavior from one of their key customers. As healthcare professionals (HCPs) go mobile, they want this “private” online behavior to be part of their professional data stream: the right info on demand, from sources they trust themselves. Faced with these “in motion” changes, how can the pharma industry best attract, engage and convince this critical target group?

It will require strategic countermeasures, strategies that must provide clear guidance on two levels:  
Corporate brand level: Being successful with this would entail that the corporate brand will become a guiding star and create framework the next level: Product brand level: HCPs should be exposed (online) to the relevant product/therapy area information when needed. This is a transition from a push to pull mechanism in the market, which forces the industry to rethink their sales activities.

TBA, Ogilvy Healthworld

Debating Responsive Design in Healthcare

Responsive Design, the hot topic debate of the mobile community, rages on as the two sides collide in the name of delivering the best mobile experience in healthcare. Not since the browser wars has one topic dominated the web development and marketing community in such a diametrically opposed and heated debate.

Two seasoned experts in the digital healthcare and marketing community, heralding from Ogilvy CommonHealth, take the stage to openly argue the merits and shortcomings of Responsive Design as a viable strategy in the complex world of mobile web development in healthcare.

On the affirmative, Chris Cullman, VP and Digital Strategist, argues the merits of responsive design backed by instances and evidence of what it can offer the mobile healthcare community.

Taking the opposing viewpoint, Matt Balogh, SVP and Director of Technology aims to demonstrate the dangers and pitfalls responsive can have in the complex and highly regulated world of digital healthcare marketing.

Matthew Balogh, Ogilvy CommonHealth
Chris Cullmann, Ogilvy CommonHealth

The Web 3.0 of Digital Healthcare in Aging Society

According to World population prospects(UN), the population aged 65 is expected to increase 710 million and accounted 10% of entire population of the world by 2020. In aging society, How distribute healthcare resource is very important and web 3.0 could be a key solution. Digital healthcare has many potential to contribute healthcare service but seniors have difficulties to use at web 2.0 since it requires them to learn how-to use. We expect web 3.0 will give us big changes in the healthcare market, for seniors specially, patients and HCPs.

For instance; Seniors could be easy to use digital healthcare since web 3.0 will provide best user interface personally. They can care chronic disease by themselves easily and save medical costs, also. Patients could be provided customized lifestyle care service even at home based on web 3.0. HCPs could contact more patients and have focused or expanded roles for their patients. Let’s imagine how web 3.0 will affect healthcare in aging society!

Ahlam Song, Ogilvy CommonHealth
Seyong Noh, LG U+

Digital Primitives – The Anthropology of Social

From the beginning, the Internet has allowed patients and caregivers to create online communities that provide something offline communities cannot. In the case of rare genetic disorders, it is a chance to connect with others who know what you are facing; in the case of debilitating disease, a chance to talk openly with others who know what it is like to live in an able-bodied society. The same way that deaf communities sprung up throughout the world, online communities lack formal institutional structures, and come in a number of shapes and sizes, with different cultural norms, interactional rules, and languages.

Anthropology and linguistics, as sciences focusing on society and communication, are ideally suited to unpack and understand these communities. We explore real-world examples of online health-related communities, the belief structures of groups, the fault-lines that exist, and what these analyses tell us about the real-world needs and experiences of community members.

Brad Davidson, Ogilvy CommonHealth Insights & Analytics
Rob Malouf, Department of Linguistics and Asian/Middle Eastern Languages, San Diego State University

What Does Your Health Data Tell The World?

Mobile devices and smart phones begin to help us monitor our exercise, calorie intake, and the number of steps that we take, science fiction is becoming reality. This year, smartphones will outsell feature phones and the public is taking to their small-screen devices as a content consumption platform in and out of the home. These devices are increasingly becoming how we manage our professional, personal lives. These devices, when combined with health specific monitoring devices like the Jabba Up and FitBit extend the information being captured with sleep and motion statistics.

And what about all of this data? Where does it go? How is it accessed and by who? These are some of the big questions to ask when we capture the data. How do we provide transparency to physicians to certain types of data and not others?

These are some of the larger healthcare issues that need to be addressed. What about the moral responsibilities in genetically transmittable conditions?

Chris Cullmann, Ogilvy CommonHealth
Matt Balogh, Ogilvy CommonHealth

Married on a First Date? Analytics in Pharma

Just as you would not get married without knowing your future spouse first (probably), you should not spend money, time, and effort creating a marketing campaign without first taking stock of what you already know. Marketing pharma products to prospective patients is challenging, and marketing to health care professionals is near impossible between doctors’ busy schedules and industry regulations. But collecting digital data may be easier than you think, and applying it correctly will ensure your marketing campaigns are both efficient and effective.

George E. Roberts, Janssen, the Pharmaceutical company of Johnson and Johnson
Leslie Prives, Ogilvy Healthworld
Sharon Gallacher, GlaxoSmithKline
Christina Connor, Ogilvy Healthworld