Creative Commons: Photo Daniel Spiess

Best of the Web: 2011

Photo by Daniel Spiess via flickr

This week, we turned our weekly DI staff meeting into a digital show and tell. Our DC team of designers, developers, strategists, art directors and producers shared some of the videos, websites, digital experiences and apps outside of our own work that we think are cool, cutting-edge, inspiring or just fun to watch. So, take a break from online holiday shopping working and enjoy our Best of the Web picks.

Israeli rocker Yoni Bloch’s “choose-your-own-adventure” music video is a must-watch. Viewers can interact with the video, seamlessly changing the course of events as the song continues. Yoni’s  a rock star off the stage too. He’s the founder of Interlude, the interactive video technology company behind this video and may others.

For a little more music to your ears, Philips partnered with the Metropole Orchestra on an interactive campaign to showcase their audio products. Viewers can single out individual musicians, hearing each note in a track played by the entire orchestra.

Cute kids, pets, people that take awkward to a new level… We love a good montage of the year’s best viral videos.  79 all wrapped into one great restrospective.

If you’re in the mood for a more serious look back at 2011, watch this Google Zeitgeist year in review video. From natural disasters to political uprisings, see the events and people that shaped our year. (You might need a tissue. Just sayin…)

Indie band Arcade Fire wowed us last year with The Wilderness Downtown, a personalized music video experience that used HTML5 and Google Maps. This year, they have us dancing at our desks with Sprawl IIWe enjoyed the sweet moves of one of our creative directors, as he demoed how the computer camera detects movement and incorporates it into the video.

It’s amazing what an artist can do with 1 pen and 3.2 million dots. Watch a beautifully produced video here.

Do you know your slavery footprint? We loved the design and execution of this informative, interactive survey, created by a non-profit to encourage consumers to ask brands to disclose their labor practices.

Get an audit of your social life with this Facebook app. There are a few kinks to work out (it showed the “hookup potential” of my co-worker’s 1-year old son), but a fun experiment nonetheless.

More and more brands are using Augmented Reality to engage consumers in never before seen ways. Here’s an example of AR done right by National Geographic.

Dominos had its fair share of bad press and bad pizza over the past few years. Will this Pizza Hero iPad app help them deliver better service and food?

To tap into the Tokyo gaming market, this MINI campaign pitted smartphone users against each other in a quest to track down a virtual MINI coupe and win the real thing.

Knowing firsthand just how much work goes into a well executed video campaign, we appreciated this Corona Extra web experience, which captures the life-changing journeys of 7 Chinese villagers who live in Bulin, the worlds’ furthest point from the sea. The beer brand traveled there to accompany a group of locals on a 7,500km trek to finally see the sea and share the story online.

And let’s wrap up with a really serious question: Is Ryan Gosling cuter than a puppy? Tough call. Peruse this wildly popular blog to make an informed decision.

What got your attention online, inspired your work, or just made you laugh? Share a link in the comment section below. Happy Holidays!