Influencer Engagement on WOMMA

Best Practices for Influencer Engagement

This post first appeared on WOMMA’s All Things WOMM blog

These are a few tips to help you build, manage, and nurture successful relationships. Working with influencers is like working with any other client or colleague; communication is key, set expectations clearly, and maintain flexibility.

1. Be Friendly

A large portion of the success of the influencer relationship relies mainly on the working relationship you develop with them throughout their experience.

2. Use the Phone

It’s important to stress this point. Phone is best to ensure clear communications and set expectations. Emails can be used for follow-ups, details, and quick notes.

3. Keep It Simple

Messaging and influencer programs can get clunky. If you’re confused or think it’s a stretch, so will your influencer. If the influencer is confused, then you cannot ensure the goals of the program to be carried out successfully. Thus, it is better to create a solid messaging concept from the beginning.

4. Understand What is a Good Value Exchange

There is an obligation to abide by WOMMA ethics. This can constrain financial payment or consultation. Remember, it is your responsibility to create an opportunity for influencers to get a real experience with the brand. Providing real engagement and offering an exchange of real value to the influencer will show respect of the influencer’s time and position.

5. Nurture the Relationship

Relationships evolve. Influencer participants can become spokespeople and brand ambassadors. When you have an established relationship, you can also work with the influencer on future programs and tap influencers if you need an immediate resource.

A Key Takeaway

Don’t forget that influencers are representing the brand. The individual relationship with the Influencer is so important, because ultimately, the influencer will associate their interactions with company employees and representatives as a reflection of the larger brand.