Can you tell? Is it real or fake?

Have you ever seen products where you don’t know what it’s for?

Life by city’super, a trendy goods retail chain originally from Hong Kong, is famous for exactly this: design-oriented products that consumers buy without even knowing their real usage. So when Life by city’super was opening its new flagship location in Shanghai, they decided to leverage this to encourage customers to visit the newly opening store.

Ten very unique products were selected to create 10 GIFs to feature a functionality that may (or may not be) true. These bite-size video content was published on WeChat and Weibo, encouraging the audience to guess if it was real or fake. Those who answered correctly received 10RMB voucher to redeem in-store.

Take a guess yourself – can you tell if its real or fake?

Bag_and_case Bag Banana-Case BB Cat-MC luggage Magic-umbrella nail PandaSoap


Congratulations to the Hong Kong team!

Post written by Nagisa Konomura, Senior Strategist at Social@Ogilvy Hong Kong.