Yik Yak

Centennials and Young Millennials Flock to Anonymous Social Media: A Briefing on Yik Yak

Over the past few years, we’ve seen anonymous social media slowly gain a foothold among young millennials and older centennials in the United States. As was predicted in our key social media trends for 2015, this will be the year for anonymous social media. And why wouldn’t it?

Last week, Yik Yak made headlines for its use by Liberty University students during Senator Ted Cruz’s 2016 presidential campaign announcement. Besides the big news of the campaign announcement, it left many people asking, “Wait, but what is Yik Yak?”. Yik Yak is arguably the hottest social network to take over high school and college campuses, boasting 1.7 million monthly users. Essentially an anonymous virtual bulletin board, those logged into Yik Yak can read the yaks of anyone within a 1.5 radius of them.

Why is it so popular? It taps directly into the growing trend of ephemeral anonymity. We’ve already seen the usage of apps like Snapchat explode due to the allure of its content’s seemingly short shelf-life. Once you add the anonymity factor and mobile, and you have a recipe for success among millennials and centennials.

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