ces day3

CES 2015: Day 3 Highlights

Technology and connectivity go hand in hand. This becomes more apparent every year at CES, and this time around was no different.

At CES 2015 we’ve seen many new technologies. With these developments come benefits, cautions, and a lot of questions. Here is the good, the bad, and the not-so-sure, as discussed during day 3 of this year’s event:

The Good

Brands open to experimentation now have a whole new set of tools and technologies to play with, and many opportunities to be first movers. But remember, with experimentation it still pays to adhere to a communications strategy and develop a program that is social by design.

The Bad

When discussing connectivity, questions will inevitably be raised about security. While data may help brands better understand and engage with consumers, there’s also the potential to be overly intrusive, and even discriminatory in the way people may be siloed by the data. With this, brands must remember appropriate ethics, ensuring proper control of information and delivering authentic communications and experiences when engaging with consumers.

The Not-So-Sure

How will the accumulations of connected devices re-shape the consumer journey? Will multi-brand and product systems flourish? How will brands implement new tools and manage the newly available data? When tech companies develop products, brands incorporate them, and consumers rely on them, how do we approach governance and the responsibility of tech as companies and as individuals?

For a more in depth look at these points and more, read Matthew Doherty’s 5 key takeaways from day 3, on ogilvydo.