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Create Fan-tastic Brands With The Three E’s: Engage, Entertain, and Endorse

For full disclosure, Nesquik is a client.

The mythical brand-advocate… Guess what, these secret marketing weapons are hiding amongst your fans; you just need to find and activate them!

To do this, you must go beyond pushing out content -– you need an effective approach to community interaction.

Organize the right team, foster a trusting relationship with the client, and utilize flexibility to activate a community with the three E’s: Engage, Entertain, and Endorse.

Engage: You’ve heard it before, but we’ll say it again.  Social media is a channel to cultivate deeper relationships through authentic two-way conversations with fans. “Today’s community manager needs to be a fan segmentation specialist, an ad and content targeting expert, a crisis radar technician, and a leader of multiple content creators across the organization,” as defined recently in our colleagues’ post. This requires an individual who knows the audience, the business objectives, and has earned the trust of the client to be flexible and authentic in their response.

Entertain: Knowing your fans, their interests, and how the brand can leverage this via content development is key. Given the level of online media consumption and the growing number of 18-34 year olds engaging on social networks, it is important that brands are culturally relevant and tap into on-line and off-line events, phenomenon’s, and special occasions.

[Image source: Nestlé Nesquik USA’s Facebook page]

Endorse: There’s a whole spectrum of opportunities to interact with and celebrate your fans through social media channels.  The fans who have reached out to comment on your photo or retweet your content have already made an initial investment in the brand by demonstrating their affiliation to it.  Some brands, like Nesquik are leveraging this opportunity by recognizing 1:1 relationships through a grand gesture, such as the example below. The Nesquik Fan wrote a great story and then the brand responded with an equally witty reply.

With the proper resources and the right client, going above and beyond to endorse a consumer’s response can turn an existing fan into an advocate.

Nesquik’s approach blends breakthrough creative and smart social strategy to earn people’s attention, their advocacy and their business. This includes a fresh approach to the drivers of WOM and influence, by involving fans in your marketing efforts through authentic community engagement, entertaining content that ties in to the brand voice and interest of fans, and fan endorsement through extraordinary gestures.