Have You Tested Your Digital Fitness Lately?

All of us have different strengths and speeds. Like babies who are new to the world and adapt to their surroundings, we also have the same natural progression with the digital presence of our brands: crawl, walk, run.

We embrace this progression when it comes to educating clients on how to best use social media for their brand and business goals. So much so, that here at Social@Ogilvy, we sometimes act as a digital personal trainer for our clients. We educate, we nurture, we train and we work to help our clients achieve their optimal levels of endurance, maturity and engagement. So we ask, at which stage is your brand?

Are you crawling to understand when and how to tweet? Are you walking into the work of determining where & how you’d like to develop your online presence(s)? Are you a runner that needs incredible digital storytelling campaigns to strengthen your image and increase your reach across platforms?

We have a quick test that can help you assess your digital fitness:

1.  When you hear the words “social media”, what comes to mind?

  1. A.    A waste of time
  2. B.    A necessary evil
  3. C.    The best thing that ever occurred! 


2. When running a social media campaign, is a solid pairing of strategy & measurement important?

  1. A.    No – I have no idea what’s best
  2. B.    Maybe – I just want to have a great social media campaign
  3. C.    Absolutely – anything less & you are setting yourself up for failure


3. Does your brand have an investment, specific to employee and budgetary resources, in social media over the course of the next year?

  1. A.    Not at all – we need to allocate resources elsewhere
  2. B.    We see the benefit in this investment but not sure yet
  3. C.    We are completely invested to growing our digital presence


If you answered A to all the questions, then consider yourself a digital fitness crawler and you should check this out. To be a digital fitness walker, then you either answered B or a mixture of A, B or C to these questions – you might find our case studies to be quite helpful. As a digital fitness runner, you would have answered C to every question and will appreciate our Social@Ogilvy thinking.

Regardless of your result in our fun digital fitness assessment, know that the most important question to ask: WHERE do you WANT your brand’s digital fitness of your brand TO BE?

Have additional thoughts or questions about our digital fitness assessment or anything else Social? Tweet to us @SocialOgilvy and check us out at Social@Ogilvy.

Written by Sophia Aladenoye and Rose Reid.