Does Your Brand Page Have “The Edge”


Cougar lost the edge in Top Gun, and Maverick and Goose took advantage. They had “the edge” that little bit extra that let them come out on top (yes, Ice Man won Top Gun, but just go with me on this).

For brands on Facebook, that little bit extra is an understanding of EdgeRank,  the formula that Facebook uses to determine how high your content appears in your fans’ news feed, and ultimately increased impressions.

The equation is based on three things: affinity, weight, and time decay. So what does that mean? Here are the definitions of each.

  • Affinity –  How often a Facebook user interacts with your page through likes, comments, wall posts, etc. If you are obtaining fans strictly through ads, and they don’t interact with your content or page, they probably won’t see your content very often.
  • Weight –  The level of interaction the post receives. For example, commenting on a post takes more effort than liking a post, so posts that get a lot of comments will have a high page rank. Additionally, photos and videos receive the most weight.
  • Time – The age of the post. More recent posts will receive higher scores.

Unlike Maverick, you don’t have to be born with The Edge. Here are four simple things you can do to pump up your page’s EdgeRank score.

Encourage discussion. Put that need to have your brand name in every post in the back seat. Ask questions, offer up thins like fill in the blanks anything that encourages your fans to respond.

Know when your fans are on Facebook. Analyze your community’s interactions with your content to find the sweet spot the times of day your fans are most active. Once you know when you should post, stick to it!

Respond fast. Whenever there is an opportunity to engage with a fan who comments on your post, do it, and do it fast. The more you interact with the fans, the more discussion you can encourage.

Use multimedia whenever possible. Photos and videos tend to receive the highest feedback rates, so spice up your content with them whenever you can.

If you can do these simple things, your fans will want to be your wingman anytime.