Elevate Your Google+ Hangout with a Theme

Elevate Your Google+ Hangout with a Theme

[Photo credit: Google]

You’re probably familiar with what a Google+ Hangout is, but today we share with you some exciting possibilities of what a Google+ Hangout can be. For those unfamiliar with Hangouts, this Google+ feature facilitates video chats for up to 10 people, who can join the discussion at any given time.

Giving your Google+ Hangout an interesting theme will maximize the impact of your event. For this reason, we share with you some themes you can implement to make the most out of your Google+ Hangouts:

Unite Your Brand Ambassadors with Exclusive Content

What better way to reward your biggest fans than by providing them with exclusive content during a Google+ hangout? The promotional team behind the new motion picture “Lincoln” invited a select group of film fanatics and critics to preview an exclusive trailer starring Steven Spielberg and Joseph Gordon Levitt. The exclusivity factor draws fans to participate in order to gain content ahead of anyone not attending the Hangout.

Interesting Locations

The location of your Google+ Hangout holds no boundaries. You can host your event from wherever your imagination takes you. Bring your audience on a journey to an exotic or interesting tour, featuring locations they may have never seen. Most importantly, give them that behind-the-scenes look they would have never received. Bring your Google+ Hangout onstage with you, to give them a first-person point-of-view of your event.

Bring your Online and Offline Worlds Together

Singer Ellie Goulding recently held a digital album signing on Google+, where a select group of fans received autographed copies of her album.  The copies were digital and personalized versions that could be shown off by fans on their social media profiles.  Invite your fans to a special hangout where they can receive personalized content, either online or mailed to them in the real world.

Host a Class

What if you could showcase your thought leadership by hosting a continuous and digital class where your students can see you and ask direct questions? The Google+ Circles feature allows you to segment your brand followers into communities of interest.  You can easily build classes specifically tailored for certain interests to better cater to you audience.

Connect Your Fans with Thought Leaders

Google+ hangouts are great for social business, too. Invite your celebrity thought leader, or company executive, to connect directly with his or her audience.  This face-to-face interaction builds a more intimate connection with current and prospective fans.

Create a Press Conference

Google+ Hangouts go beyond regular conversations, and contain business features.  You can share a YouTube video with your participants, which makes for an even more interactive event: Imagine commencing your press conference with a video welcoming your attendees, and sharing your exciting announcement.  Other business features provided by Google+ Hangouts include:

* Sharing and editing Google Docs

* Sharing Screens

* Recording the Google+ Hangout

Google+ Hangouts offer a plethora of features to improve interactions with your audience; the suggestions above listed are only the beginning! Remember, the best Google+ Hangout is the one that matches your company needs.