What is Social@Ogilvy?

Social@Ogilvy is a global, cross-discipline team of social experts from across all of Ogilvy’s businesses. We know there’s a new customer and stakeholder journey defined by the increasing impact our networks have on purchase decision and our behaviors. We design integrated social solutions that combine deep disciplines like CRM, public relations and shopper marketing and rooted in what drives behavior.

This shift is happening in one way or another all over the world. That’s why we have grown the world’s largest global team delivering solutions relevant in each local market. We are a true global network with a common approach. And it’s more than just marketing, we design social business solutions that use the collaboration and advocacy strengths of social media to drive value internally and in customer relationships while at the same time managing risk.

We believe…
– Fully integrated solutions for a new customer/stakeholder journey
– A global shift calls for the largest network of Social Media strategists
– Social Business Solutions can drive customer and internal value across the enterprise

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