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Facebook Global Pages for Brands

Facebook has launched a new structure for global brands, using a new feature called Facebook Global Pages. This new feature allows for one global Facebook page to track insights and metrics across all of its pages. And thereby, have the opportunity to understand fan behavior in one single place and for each page.

Also as part of this change, Facebook offers users a better localized experience, while letting the brand maintain its global presence. Users will automatically be redirected to the most relevant brand page, based on their geographic location, and brands will be able to link to the main global page with a single vanity URL.

The purpose of the POV below is to:

1. discuss the implications of Facebook’s Global Page feature for brands,

2. provide strategies for how brands can leverage this new feature, and

3. provide suggestions in light of this announcement to make content management for Facebook more effective.

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Dan Schreibstein

Dan brings a unique combination of online customer acquisition and CPG marketing skills to Ogilvy. His experience spans more than nine years and includes digital projects with top FMCG clients, and many lifestyle brands, including many brands in the Unilever, Nestlé, Kraft portfolios. His strong grounding in online acquisition marketing coupled his knowledge and passion for social media and word of mouth marketing, helps him to create winning strategies and campaigns for Ogilvy clients. He has also worked with clients ranging from multinational corporations to local businesses in both the B2B and B2C spaces. Dan has served as an instructor for social media-focused classes has been a speaker at email and direct marketing industry events, including the Direct Marketing Association’s Annual Conference, where he spoke on online acquisition marketing best practices. In his most recent role, Dan managed email acquisition marketing for The Motley Fool, a top online financial publisher. In an earlier role, Dan launched an outsourced marketing product for local niche businesses that enabled them to leverage industry best practices and compete against larger competitors for a discounted rate. Dan also previously founded a music marketing company that worked with local acts and helped them gain national exposure using online and offline community-building strategies in conjunction with innovative email marketing campaigns. Dan holds a bachelor’s degree in Communications from Arizona State University. He blogs about emerging marketing strategy and technology on his blog (www.badmarketingiseasy.com) and is quick to share his thoughts through his Twitter account @dschreib.