Five Principles for Storytelling in a Multi-Screening World


eMarketer estimates that the average adult consumes more than 11 hours of media content per day. In November 2011, Facebook alone accounted for an average of 6.6 hours of US social network users’ time during the month.

The increase in media consumption demands an integrated approach to enterprise storytelling across the vast communications ecosystem in a compelling, continuous manner, across multiple screens.

To do this, silos will be broken, and stories will be need to stronger than ever to resonate with the consumption habits of our ever-evolving audience, tailored to the place and time they choose to interact with us. On top of this, our narrative will also need to evolve, from a single point in a press release or advertisement to a living entity that develops fully over the course of weeks or months across multiple platforms.

The increase in multi-screening, coupled with time spent on social channels, means existing content creation strategies need to evolve. We have outlined five principles to help you succeed with storytelling in a multi-screening world.

Published by

Dirk Shaw

SVP, Digital Influence