Five Reasons Brands Should Test Vine

This past week there has been a lot of news (not all of it for the right reasons)on Twitter’s new photo application, Vine. Vine is unique because it debuts in an era where consumers have the power to skip through television commercials on programs they record, thus forcing creative advertisers to start pushing the envelope on generating interesting messaging and communications beyond the television signal. This thinking led to a unique conversation with my former colleague Matthew Wurst from 360i the other day regarding Vine. It went like this:

From this dialogue, my thinking and recommendation is that brands need to test Vine if they have a Twitter presence. Here are five reasons why:

1. Think of it as Instagram for Twitter. No one talked about Instagram until it took off. People are talking about Vine. It might not take off, but that’s no reason to not see how it can be used as a form of communication. If you’re on Twitter, you should use Vine to integrate content into your feed. It’s a simple test-and-learn process.

2. Fill your follower’s feed with visuals. Forget 140 characters and links to other designations from Twitter. Now you have six seconds to tell a story or a set of stories, as showcased by several brands.

3. Connect with your audience through snippet storytelling. This fits the design to be shared economy of the 21st Century. The application requires creativity, since it is so quick. But it can give those from outside your business a sneak peek at what you do in six seconds.

4. Show off your products. A moving image works well ingraining an emotion in one’s Twitter feed. And animated GIFs are already commonplace in the world of social content sharing.

5. Use it to build on your social enterprise. Vine isn’t simply for showcasing brands or products, but about showcasing people and what they do. It’s a great way for employees to visualize what they do in a variety of businesses, from startups to SMBs to agencies to Fortune 500s.

Whatever a brand does, they shouldn’t shy from these and other emerging platforms. Curiosity is an asset businesses must leverage during the launch phase of any new platform feature. The formulation of a real communications plan, or analysis of ROI, can be determined later.