GetGlue: Checking In on Entertainment

getglue1bWhile attending the BlogWell DC Conference last week, I listened in on the Discovery Channel panel and learned of their real-time engagement strategies through social media and social TVs, which includes incorporating GetGlue as a way to enhance the TV experiences of their audiences. At the start of their presentation, they shared an amazing statistic: 86% of mobile users use their phone while watching TV.

The first thing that comes to mind when using GetGlue is that it’s a lot like FourSquare, but for entertainment. You can check in when watching TV programs or movies, listening to music, reading a book, playing video games and even when thinking about a celebrity or topic. Other similarities:

  • Gurus are similar to Mayors
  • Stickers are similar to Badges (but you actually get stickers mailed to you)
  • Users receive points for their check-ins

Those familiar with FourSquare will feel right at home. In fact, you can connect your FourSquare account to GetGlue, along with Facebook and Twitter. Each check-in to Get Glue is then posted on your other platforms, along with any stickers you may have earned.

So is the attraction to GetGlue in the stickers? Definitely not.


The reason why so many people are on their mobile phones while watching TV is so that they can interact with their friends at the same time. They want to know what their friends think of the Bulls vs. Heat series, who their favorite celebrity is on Dancing with the Stars and if The Office is any good without Steve Carell. So why not get some points and credibility for something you’re already doing?

Presently however, most of these conversations are taking place on Facebook and Twitter rather than the GetGlue platform itself. While there is a news stream on the GetGlue website with vote and reply options, but most of the comments I’ve seen have come from my friends who are not GetGlue users. The simple reason for this is users already have established networks on other platforms, which is why the option to push updates to Facebook and Twitter is available.

Mashable recently posted about the most social TV shows of the 2010-2011 season with some surprising results. Using a ranking system tying in episode check-ins, Facebook Likes and site comments, popular shows like Glee didn’t land in the top 10. Other programs that receive much lower viewership such as Smallville ranked 9th. This shows that the most successful social TV programs don’t have to be the most popular.

What are some of the shows you watch while also tracking the conversations on your Facebook feed or Twitter hashtag searches? And for all of you GetGlue users, what are you doing with all of your stickers?