Getting Social @ Ogilvy with Max Polisar, AwesomenessTV


Last week, Max Polisar, SVP of Sales at AwesomenessTV, met with our team to share the latest on working with Millennial creators to tell stories. We caught up with Max to ask a few questions about the future of his company and our industry as a whole:

 S@O: In 140 characters or less, tell us what everyone should know about Awesomeness TV.  

MP: AwesomenessTV is creating entertaining and engaging content specifically for Generation Z, the most influential generation yet.    

S@O: What do you think Awesomeness TV will be doing this time next year?

MP: AwesomenessTV will continue to innovate and disrupt – on a global scale.  We’re expanding into key international markets on a local level and we will continue to experiment with new distribution models and social platforms to reach our audience wherever they are.

S@O: Name one prediction for the future of the advertising, PR, and communications industry.

MP: Fresh storytelling will continue to expand among new formats and platforms.  This unboxing of the typical 30 or 60 minute series will drive the proliferation of branded content on linear TV media as well as RTB/Ad targeting to linear TV platforms, and with it newer formats will flow more quickly to the big screen via OTT and updated systems:

S@O: What was your last update to a social media platform?  

MP: Celebrity Dachshund:

S@O: If you could be Facebook friends with anyone in the world, who would it be?  

MP: Elon Musk

This is part of a new series we are doing. Comment below if you would like to be featured.