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Getting Social @ Ogilvy with Thierry Soubestre, Page Karma

Data has always been important for brands to better understand consumers and target messages. With the amount of data collected through social networking sites – what they do, things they like, causes they defend, what they buy, and the list goes on – understanding how to cut and analyze the data to derive consumer insights can be daunting task.

Our partner agency Page Karma is a leader in this space, offering solutions to help brands better understand consumers and optimize communications strategies. We spoke with Thierry Soubestre, General Director at Page Karma, to learn more about his company and what impact data will have for the future of the industry.

S@O: In 140 characters or less, tell us what everyone should know about Page Karma.  

TS: Page Karma accompanies you throughout your social media presence in order to help you understand it, measure your performance and improve!

S@O: What do you think Page Karma will be doing this time next year?

TS: We will work on ways to improve the knowledge and understanding of our “real-life” customers based on their Social Networks activity.

S@O: Name one prediction for the future of the advertising, PR, and communications industry.

TS: The Advertising and the Social Media industries will be more tightly integrated and more than ever will be influenced by Data.

S@O: What was your last update to a social media platform?

TS: A few hours ago about our brand new Profiling & Market Research service named Profiler.

 S@O: If you could be Facebook friends with anyone in the world, who would it be?

TS: I can’t just pick one.