Google+ Hangouts for B2B Social


Engaging audiences through live video

Social media users no longer want to just witness online events: they want to participate.  Fortunately, the Google+ Hangout feature is perfectly designed to boost audience engagement through direct interactions with speakers. Google+ Hangouts facilitate group video chats for up to 10 people who can join at any given time during the session.

Conversations can range from thought-leadership discussions, to classes, to press announcements.  The New York Times, for example, used Google+ Hangouts to develop articles with readers who provided their feedback in real time. To participate in a Hangout, users simply activate their webcams from their Google+ accounts, join a Hangout room, and chat with other users in the room while every participant appears on screen.

The new Google+ Hangout feature “On Air” instantly captures Google+ Hangouts and creates a YouTube Video that can be shared and enjoyed by audiences at a later time.