Have I Got A Story For You by Eric Munn - Ogilvy

Have I Got A Story For You

As you sat around the table this past Thanksgiving, did one of your grandparents tell  a story about how they used to eat much better food? Did one of your aunts retell the story of your mom’s horrible first date experience? Did one of your siblings tell the embarrassing story of your first attempt at freestyle rap?

Storytelling has been a vital part of our culture from the beginning of mankind, and it’s still powerful today. And in the social media landscape, it’s becoming more important for brands to tell stories. With the increase in brand pages on social platforms, you need to find a way to get your story to stand out. Data has shown People engage with story telling, and we can use this to elevate our brands.

When looking to engage with your audience, what story can you tell them?

  • Is there something interesting about how the brand started?
  • Is there an interesting use case scenario for your brand?
  • Are you seeing your community members interacting in a new way?
  • Has your brand been an influential part of some moment in time?

By using storytelling techniques, we move beyond likes and shares and start to bring our followers into the process. They now become a part of the story and can provide their own unique take as well.

The story not only resonates with the fans but as they engage with it by commenting, liking, sharing or contributing the story is shared with their family and friends. It’s just like sitting down at the Thanksgiving table, except the table is HUGE and includes the entire planet.

To help start stimulating  your brain cells, check out what DuPont did by creating a video series for the BBC on what changes are being made in the world to make it a better place. Here is just a sample of what they created.

By telling this story not only are the DuPont fans and followers learning about what DuPont is doing to help solve the problem, but also what is going on elsewhere and how they the fans can become involved.

So start telling stories to your fans and you might get some interesting ones in response.