How B2B Socially Enables Small Medium Business

How B2B Socially Enables Small Medium Business


Originally posted on The Digital Influence Mapping Project with John Bell

Think about all of the big brands working hard to prove out and then operationalize their best practices in social media. They (we) are all spending a fair amount of money and time to understand the ROI of social applied to many parts of the business.

And the evidence is coming in. Here’s a recent finding from a successful Facebook program from a major FMCG in the Philippines:

“97% fans were more willing to drink (brand) after engaging with the brand on Facebook. The Page attracted a following of 1.6 million, is the top branded Philippines FB page, and sales in 2011 rose more than 9%.”

Now think about all of the small and medium-sized businesses who could also accelerate some parts of their business if they just knew more precisely where to apply their limited budgets. For every poster-child-for-social small business there are probably 100 that just don’t know what to do or cannot invest the money to do so ahead of proven results.

How do different businesses that serve SMB actually help them succeed?

American Express Small Business Saturday

“American Express offers small business tools and DIY promotional material (through their OPEN program) and incentives for customers looking to shop local. These messages were presented in tandem on Small Business Saturday’s Facebook Page and @ShopSmall Twitter account. Small businesses were also encouraged to sign up for free Facebook advertising of their brands, paid for in full by American Express….” from Mashable. 

  • more than 2.7 million people “Liked” the program’s Facebook page and nearly 195,000 tweets were sent in support
  • An estimated 103 million Americans shopped at a small business on 2011 Small Business Saturday. American Express saw a 23% increase in transactions.

L’Oreal Salon Pages

“L’Oreal provided a set of tools with which salons could begin enhancing their Facebook Pages, allowing L’Oreal to measure traction and furnish content for all of its salon locations.

Salons can set up a separate tab with a number of customizable modules that allow them to display their respective logos, business hours, a menu of services, inspirational and how-to videos (many of which will be supplied by L’Oreal), as well advertise products.

L’Oreal is supplying salons with plenty of educational resources, including a how-to book for promoting salons on Facebook and instructional videos,” from Mashable

Ford Dealer Training

Ford developed custom social media marketing and communications training fro its 3200 North American Dealers. The training was delivered through the established dealer communications channel. The goal is to enable dealers to use social media to drive their own business goals – foot traffic, test drives and repeat customers.

Be Of-Service 

How can big brands who serve small and medium-sized businesses help them be successful applying social media and digital marketing to their business? Can they take the learnings from their own investment and turn those lessons into helpful programs for their SMB customers to use in their own business? If these three examples are the beginning of that, where do we head next?