Chris Brogan

How To Convert Your Followers Into Sales with Chris Brogan

Social Media Week 2014 - Chris Brogan

The second session at Like Minds New York was led by Chris Brogan, who was joined by Callan Green, Senior Social Media Specialist for Sony Electronics, Hugh Boyle, Global Chief Digital Officer at Geometry Global and Kevin Tate, CRO at Chirpify.

Once someone has chosen to engage with your brand on social you can’t just assume that they will convert into a customer. They may already be a proud brand advocate, or perhaps they’re just interested in your product, but the fact is you need to do something to convert them from follower into sale.

Here are some key takeaways from the session:

  • People don’t like to feel marketed to. And they don’t like feeling duped. Unfortunately that’s a lot of what marketing is currently about. Think about it from the customer’s perspective and be to the point. If you’re offering something to them, make the person feel valued for being offered the chance rather than trying to trick them into signing up.
  • Make sure that when a customer sees your brand message they can do something with it, whether that’s to find out more information, reserve a product or try the product.
  • All media is now direct response media, thanks to smartphones. Embrace this as a brand. Suggest to the customer how they should respond.
  • Social isn’t just about a company getting all warm and fuzzy with followers, it informs customer decisions. People use their smartphone in store to compare products, research the store and then make their decisions.
  • Don’t focus on reach and impressions alone, the figures can be impressive but misleading. Count sales, they’re the real result.
  • Engagement rate is important though as it lets you know if a tactic is working. If it isn’t then change tactics.
  • Understand how you iterate your brand personality on your site, app or social platform. If someone has downloaded the app, or engaged on social, don’t try to sell as it’s not what they want, leave that for your site.
  • Don’t keep customer service, marketing and sales as separate silos. They need to be integrated.
  • The purchase is no longer the end of customer experience. The conversation needs to continue after the sale has closed.

So if you want to make sure that your followers do more than occasionally retweet you, you have to shift how you think of them and give them the opportunity to interact with your brand when they want, where they want and on the platform that they want.

Facilitate brand interaction and they’ll want to choose you over your competitors.