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Instagram ads: what, why and how

Instagram is rolling out advertising to everyone – no longer just a select few brands such as Taco Bell and Michael Kors.

Below we capture what’s new, why you should use Instagram ads, and how to get started.


What’s new?

  •  Instagram carousel ads with “Shop Now”, “Learn More” and “Sign Up” buttons that link outside the app.
  • Ads can be targeted based on demographics: age, gender and interests that are pulled from user Facebook profiles.
  • Sophisticated API for automated managing, tracking and measuring of Instagram advertising.

Why should a brand use Instagram ads?

  • Reach highly engaged younger audiences with content that allows deeper engagement off the Instagram platform.
  • Instagram has run 475 campaigns to-date with ad recall 2.9x higher than Nielsen Brand Effect’s norms for online advertising.
  • Brands that trialled Instagram ads included The Gap, Disney, Electronic Arts and Taco Bell.
  • Allows full integration of the channel with the brand’s social CRM strategy, moving Instagram from an awareness only touchpoint to the end of the purchase funnel.
  • Demonstrate the value of a brand’s Instagram presence beyond engagement on the platform, through number of clicks (consideration) & cost per conversion.
  • Personalization of organic content based on advanced analytics from ads which will show higher consideration from the Target Audience through A/B testing.

 How should brands use Instagram ads?

  • Focus on quality content that integrates seamlessly with Instagram experience and drives one of the following actions: Shop Now, Book Now, Download, Learn More and Sign Up.
  • Ask your marketing software provider when Instagram ad integration will be available. Salesforce and Nanigans are already in the works!
  • Learn more: Instagram blog or ask us @socialogilvy or email us social[at]