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While at the consumer electronics show I attended sessions focused on kids and technology. It was great to see so many companies focused on using technology to educate kids. One of the common themes was developing apps for tablet based devices and video iPhones. A interesting stat is that 60% of the top selling children’s apps in app store are for children under 4.

For those of us with kids that love to play games on the iPhone don’t feel to bad about handing it over. In a presentation from PBS kids they described a test where they sent out pre loaded iPod video with learning games. PBS saw learning gains on content and skills from both dpps they created. The highest gains on verbal vocabulary averaged an increase 20% on both the short and comprehensive vocabulary assessments. Here is an excellent slide share on the research and its results.

Another interesting observation from the PBS research is one we have all seen with our kids. When a kid gets a new toy the love affair is intense for the first few weeks then it starts to wane. Content is king even for the little ones. The appetite for fresh content will certainly fuel the growth of new apps, devices and even new app market places .

We should not forget about the companies who have been developing educational products for kids long before the Ipad. This week at the toy fair in NYC several manufacturers introduced tablets for for kids.

The question this raises for me is which platform will emerge as the leader. Will it be one of the mobile platforms, gaming systems or toy companies.

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