How to work with Startups

Join this webinar to learn how technology partnerships can fuel a brand’s growth.

Innovation is more than a buzzword. It has become integral to the way that brands communicate and connect with their consumers. And with the number of startups fueling the technology industry there is an increasing amount of opportunities for brands to innovate their offerings, strategies, and experiences.

Whilst exciting, the thriving landscape can also be overwhelming. Brands and agencies looking for partnerships are faced with the questions: What is out there? Who is the right partner? How do I approach them? What should I expect?

In this webinar we will be joined by KITE, an emerging technology platforms marketplace focused on helping brands and agencies find technology partnerships, and startups Retailigence (EAME) or Chute (APAC and AMERICAS). We will discuss:

  • What is the startup technology landscape?
  • Which brands have successful innovation partnerships? Spoiler alert: cases from Starwood Hotels, Hellmann’s and Heineken
  • How do you get started with brand partnerships?
  • Tips for navigating legal and vendor setup, and implementing the project

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Below is the presentation from the Social On Us webinar: