Fergus Hay

Managing Director, Social@Ogilvy APAC

Hong Kong

Hong Kong | Asia Pacific

A marketing communications executive who is passionate about the power of creativity to drive business performance for global clients. Great story telling has been the cornerstone of human culture and conscience for thousands of years, and as the consumer demands more from brands, from more varied and flexible engagement points, our opportunities as marketeers and brands to tell bigger, better, more compelling and more agile stories has never been richer.

Having worked on major global clients such as British Airways, Barclays, Coca Cola, Britvic and SC Johnson Fergus has deployed this narrative story telling across APAC, Europe, LATAM, Africa and North America specializing in integrated marketing.

Having lived in Europe, USA and currently Hong Kong his work has ranged from Creative award winning Fanta global campaigns for The Coca Cola Company, to pioneering social gaming projects for Barclays, running social e-commerce platform MetroTwin for British Airways and brand equity building integrated marketing for SC Johnson.

In 2011 Fergus led and won the International part of the SC Johnson integrated pitch, and spearheaded transitioning and setting up this sizable integrated account across 11 countries.

In July 2014 Fergus moved to Hong Kong to take the role of Regional Managing Director of Social@Ogilvy as well as regional leadership of the integrated marketing accounts for Coca-Cola and Diageo.

Fergus is also the Writer, Producer and Interviewer in the video series Creativity: Weapon of Mass Disruption where he interviews some of the world's most pioneering creative thinkers who have used the power of a creative idea to disrupt the world around them. The series features Emmanuel Jal, Jackie Chan, John De Mol, Donna Karan and Sir Jackie Stewart. Fergus believes that we have a responsibility to inspire the next generation of the power of a creative idea, and to understand how to nurture and protect it.

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