Majd Abi Ali

Operations Manager MENA


Dubai | Asia Pacific

Majd's role includes implementing a corporate Social Media strategy for the Memac Ogilvy network which spans 17 offices in the Gulf, Levant and North Africa region. He is also actively training regional offices on optimal Digital & Social Media usage and managing and consulting many of the high profile clients like Amex, DuPont, Coke on Digital & Social Media campaigns.

Majd attained a Bachelors degree in Mass communication, with a dual passion for Advertising and Philosophy. He brings his own distinctive brand of creativity and problem solving to elevate his clients above their competitors. His leadership skills and persuasive powers of communication are part of his arsenal of strengths, which he utilizes on a daily basis. His versatile talents are illustrated by the fact that he is the founder and CEO of his own music record label, and he regularly stretches his powers of inspiration in all facets of life.

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