Rory Sutherland

Vice Chairman, Ogilvy Group UK


London | EAME

I am the Vice Chairman of the Ogilvy Group UK and OgilvyOne, and I have been with Ogilvy since 1985. I am also President of the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising.

The breadth of the UK group makes us unique. Over 1,000 people working in every field. We are still far too siloed, of course, but sometimes, magically, the lines break down, and usually with magical results.

Media is now every bit as creative a field as "creative," and in truth the two are hugely interdependent. To make judgments on either in isolation is as mad as choosing the wine for a meal without giving any thought to the food. The fact that sanity can prevail – and we once again have media experts within the building – is the single greatest cause for optimism I have for the next ten years.

My favorite career highlights at Ogilvy have been hiring people who have sometimes floundered at other agencies and watching them flourish at Ogilvy, slowly but steadfastly transforming some of the world's great brands; and visiting Touffou.

My favorite David Ogilvy quote is: "People who feel diffident about driving a Rolls-Royce can buy a Bentley." Very useful advice, if not very applicable in my case. What I love, though, is the way in which, for every few hundred words of elegantly simple copy, David would always throw one word of a higher register, in the process both flattering the reader and reminding him that the writer was no idiot either. This, along with so many other quirks, made David Ogilvy one of the most engaging prose writers of the last century.

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