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Offline Events Drive Online Traffic – #iHeartRadio


 [Image: Jon Bon Jovi performing at the iHeartRadio music festival. Photo courtesy of Brian Friedman]

Don’t let the word “radio” here confuse you into thinking it’s limited to the radio frequencies that you may tune into.

I had the chance to watch the iHeartRadio festival in Las Vegas over the weekend through the app on Xbox 360. Some of music’s biggest superstars and radio/TV personalities were there. The concert sold out in eight minutes, but that’s another story. My focus right now is to talk about radio, social media, and offline events.

The #iHeartRadio hashtag received 948 million impressions on Twitter during the two days in which the event took place. This can be divided up into 216,593 tweets. That’s incredible!

What’s interesting about the mention type was that 50% (108,817) of the tweets were done only by people at the festival, or those streaming it live through the iHeartRadio/station website, Xbox 360 or Yahoo Music. That’s great participation.

Let’s dive a bit deeper into what I think was a great integrated online/offline marketing strategy.

Here are three quick things that you should take away with after reading this.

1) “Backstage” – A big trend that we are seeing more and more as marketers, that goes beyond events, is the “backstage effect.” Social media has amplified society’s need to see what is going on behind the scenes. I personally found this endearing while watching #iHeartRadio, and it seems this feeling was felt throughout the twittersphere.

Here’s a picture of my TV about ten minutes before the #iHeartRadio festival started. You’ll see four behind-the-scenes views. Below that, you’ll notice one of the top buzzwords on Twitter, in connection with #iHeartRadio, was the word “backstage.” As I said, clearly I wasn’t the only one who felt more connected with the festival because of the “backstage effect.”

2) Influencers – We hear a lot about the power of influencers… Now, what do you get when you put more than a dozen music superstars in one place? You get single tweets that create over 20 million impressions.

3) In looking at the event from a timeline perspective. Here’s the marketing equation that I see.

Pre-Event: Radio waves + social media + offline buzz = concert selling out in eight minutes.

Event: Offline event + Music, radio, and television superstars + streaming live on the radio + streaming live through Xbox 360 and Yahoo Music + social media activity = 948 million Twitter impressions.

Let’s not forget all the media coverage. To name a few media outlets, just to end this blog post on an even better note – Huffington Post, VH1, Hollywood Reporter, Billboard, LA Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Rolling Stone, Perez Hilton, New York Daily News, and many more.

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#iHeartRadio logos are courtesy of iHeartRadio.Festival.com. Bon Jovi photo is courtesy of Brian Friedman. The following data has been sourced from Social@Ogilvy’s listening and analytic tools.


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