Ogilvy@MIPTV 2012: The Branded Entertainment Tipping Point

Today’s consumer has 500+ TV channels (many now with a social layer), billions of YouTube videos and a wide circle of Facebook profiles full of entertaining content to choose from; undivided attention is a thing of the past. Attention itself is changing, too. Passive viewers of entertainment have become active engagers, creators and sharers of content. We are each our own producers and distributors.

This technological and behavioral jolt has equally affected the advertising and entertainment industries, and as a result, branded entertainment – on screens big and small, in conversations virtual and real, and in worlds electronic and physical – is enjoying an exceptional era. Broadcast shows like Fashion Star are selling out clothes within hours (see the show trailer here: http://youtu.be/tvjNeHF4vIQ) on participating retailers websites; American Express’ Sync Show event with Jay-Z at SXSW led to $1.3 million of coupon redemptions and 25,000 new product sign-ups in just 9 days; Perrier’s digital “Le Club” reached 11.5 million engaged people with its message of ultimate refreshment; and, the over 600 hours of branded content produced annually in the Red Bull Media House library brings both marketing value and even new sources of revenue to the Red Bull brand.

It’s for exactly these reasons that 2012 marked the sixth year that Ogilvy & Mather has been the exclusive agency partner of MIPTV, the worlds leading content and entertainment market held each year in Cannes, France.  This year also marked the 2nd annual Ogilvy-sponsored MIPTV Branded Entertainment Summit – two full days of panels, keynotes and networking between all the key players in the branded entertainment space, including brands, broadcasters, producer, agencies and distributors.

Doug Scott, President of OgilvyEntertainment, kicked off the summit with a state of the industry, calling 2012 the “content tipping point.”  With brands looking for new ways to engage consumers and with the entertainment market projected to be worth $1.8 trillion by 2015, it’s hard to argue with this claim.  And a lot of great work has been done to-date.  Doug, along with Tom Bowman from the BBC and Andrew Canter of the Branded Content Marketing Association, displayed a mix of the past year’s best work across digital-led, broadcast-led, event-led and property-led entertainment.  One of these featured cases was the DuPont “Horizons Project,” a collaboration between DuPont, Ogilvy and the BBC, which now reaches 450 million households worldwide.

Another highlight of day one was the keynote by The Coca-Cola Company’s VP of Global Advertising Strategy and Creative Excellence, Jonathan Mildenhall.  Jonathan explained Coca-Cola’s “Content 2020” strategy and specifically how Coke is hoping to partner more and more with the entertainment industry to create world-class content that helps build their brands and drive sales.  Jonathan also called on-stage Benoit de Fleurian, Ogilvy & Mather Paris Managing Director, to present the latest Coke Zero global work, “Make it Possible.”  This new brand platform, featuring Joey and his “toe-tappy” dance craze, is being brought to life with digital video content, a documentary, a worldwide dance tour and various traditional media advertising.  See Jonathan and Benoit’s speech and learn more about “Make it Possible” here: http://youtu.be/qhtjyysec5A

On day two, the theme shifted to how to practically bring branded entertainment projects to life, and Patou Nuytemans, Chief Digital Officer, Ogilvy & Mather EAME joined Nestlé client Birgit Becker to tackle “Branded Content in the Marketing Mix.”  Along with Chet Fenster from MEC and Evan Shapiro from the IFC, they explained how branded entertainment can be used to achieve a variety of marketing goals, from brand building, to preference and even sales.  You can see their full session here: http://youtu.be/GLaWhBwYHuU

Though there’s little doubt these days that branded entertainment has a role to play in the marketing mix, to shift budgets, a real understanding of this value must be achieved. After all, in a world of shrinking budgets and greater accountability, brands cannot afford to make mistakes associated with uncalculated risk. Because of this, Ogilvy used this year’s event to launch a new branded entertainment measurement model. Endorsed by leading entertainment companies, the Ogilvy Branded Entertainment Assessment ModelTM (‘BEAM’)” white paper and accompanying panel session detail the ways in which branded entertainment can be properly evaluated to demonstrate its growing value.  BEAM aims to provide a better understanding of how the Branded Entertainment mix – the combination of exposure, entertainment and brand – work in unison to achieve pre-determined program objectives. This strategic planning process, coupled with a common index-based evaluation method, will move the industry beyond the current one-off nature of branded entertainment programs. Read the full BEAM white paper here: http://www.slideshare.net/OgilvyWW/making-magic-using-logic-12262018

And check out the launch of the model with OgilvyEntertainment’s Abigail Marks at MIPTV here: http://youtu.be/rWgsp7FdNd8

Amazing results are possible with branded entertainment and social media is only helping to fuel this success. Whether it’s new content creation by consumers, social interactivity with broadcast entertainment, new forms of distribution or the conversation that can be had online around great content, the possibilities for brands are endless.  We can’t wait to get back to MIPTV next year, with several more successful case studies in tow, and hope for a continued receptivity from brands, agencies, producers, broadcasters and distributors to collaborate and create content that both builds brands and drives business.

Some additional thoughts from Ogilvy’s Entertainment leaders across the globe:

“MIPTV is the leading global gathering of entertainment executives and we are thrilled to again lead the Branded Entertainment discussion in Cannes.  All the key players – from broadcaster, producer, brand and agency side – are here, and together we have a real opportunity to continue to expand and mature the branded entertainment space. – Doug Scott, President of OgilvyEntertainment

“In today’s highly fragmented and new media landscape, branded entertainment is a key strategy to building brands.  Our 6-year partnership with MIPTV has been integral to our agency, clients and the industry to take it more seriously.” – Benoit de Fleurian, Managing Director Ogilvy & Mather Paris

“MIPTV is the only place in the world that gathers so many content masterminds. It’s the most efficient event to get best practices on building brand and consumer engagement through branded content.” – Frederic Levron, Executive Director, Head of Digital & Branded Entertainment, Ogilvy & Mather Paris

Fred spoke about “Brand Building in the Digital Age” in the MIPTV pre-cursor event, MIPCube.  See his session here: http://youtu.be/Ewg6W_tnUQU

Ogilvy has a branded entertainment centre of excellence in New York – OgilvyEntertainment – as well as entertainment practices rooted in Ogilvy & Mather in Paris and the UK, and growing expertise across the WW network.  For more information, contact:

US – Doug Scott – doug.scott@ogilvy.com

UK – Cody Hogarth – cody.hogarth@ogilvy.com

FR – Frederic Levron – Frederic.levron@ogilvy.com

GE – Larissa Pohl – larissa.pohl@ogilvy.com

APAC – David Mayo – david.mayo@ogilvy.com

LATAM – Horacio Genolet – horacio.genolet@ogilvy.com

EAME – Olivia Rzepczynski – Olivia.rzepczynski@ogilvy.com

And to learn more about Ogilvy’s involvement in MIPTV 2012, please contact Olivia Rzepczynski – Olivia.rzepczynski@ogilvy.com or Patou Nuytemans – patou.nuytemans@ogilvy.com – or visit ogilvy.com/miptv.