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Social@Ogilvy is kicking off a roundup of the digital and social experiences outside of our own work that we think are cool, cutting-edge and inspiring. Check out what’s on our radar and follow us on twitter for our day-to-day discoveries from around the web.

Postagram: Let’s Take this Offline 
Shared by: Blake Bowyer, Senior Digital Strategist, @blakebowyer 
When’s the last time you developed a photo? For me, it has to be 5-7 years ago – which is nuts considering the proliferation of snapshooting devices we carry in our pockets. Every day, more than 4.5 million photos are shot, filtered, and uploaded on Instagram (photo sharing for iPhone) never to see life beyond a fleeting digital screen. If the thought of holding a memory in your hand makes you feel as nostalgic as Kelvin looks, check out Postagram. This is an example of start-ups that exist simply to bring tangible elements to digital touchpoints – and build revenue models based on social activity.

This is Your Brain on CSS
Shared by: Zach Kalman, Digital Producer, @zachkalman, a creation of developer Steven Wittens, is a bleeding edge case study in what will be possible using powerful new 3D tools in CSS. He uses HTML5, CSS and Javascript to create stunning 3D visual effects when scrolling and navigating through the site. Among them is a slightly disturbing but very cool human head, rendered in 3D using only CSS. Be sure to view the site in the current version of Chrome or Safari, the only browsers that support CSS 3D functionality at this time.

Free Rice
Shared by: Emily Achler, Digital Strategist, @ea_sportz
FreeRice is a non-profit website run by the United Nations World Food Programme. Originally just available as a Vocabulary quiz, you can now choose to be tested on a variety of topics from Geography to Chemistry. For each correct answer, a grain of rice is donated to the UN Program. All activity is tracked and measured, and a running ticker of how much rice is donated remains on the screen as you play. It remains an excellent example of how to use gaming mechanics to draw people’s interest, engage with your content– and in this case, actively contribute to a good cause. Just remember, surreptitious = clandestine.

Testing Responsive Design
Shared by: Brian Akpa, Web Developer, @citizen_is_live
Trying to easily get a sense of what your responsive site will look on different device screen sizes? Use the Resizer Bookmarklet. This is a really easy to use tool that lets you see what a site looks like on multiple device sizes, ranging from smartphone, small tablet, iPad landscape and portrait, and desktop. Just follow the on-screen instructions to install.

College Recruitment: It’s a Snap
Shared by: Jessica Solloway, Digital Content Producer, @JessSoll
Even if you have zero interest in attending Australia’s Central Institute of Technology, you’ll laugh and cringe at this witty recruitment video created by Aussie directing duo Henry Inglis and Aaron McCann. It’s a Snap has changed the face of higher learning advertising by showing off the school in a funny, engaging, and slightly dark film. (Beware; it gets a little gory.) Intrigued? This video not only tosses traditional college recruitment tactics aside, but it proves that you don’t need a huge budget to execute a good idea. (The alumni pair produced the film for free.) With over 2 million views since it’s launch, it will be interesting to see if other schools follow their lead to attract students.

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