reddit: “Front Page of the Internet”


What Is reddit?

reddit is a website where users can upload various types of content that other users can vote on.  Users are rewarded with “karama” points for posting popular content or comments.

How Does It Work?

The home page, which in reddit lingo is referred to as front page, is a collection of all of the most popular stories across the site.  Some of the popular sub-categories include Random, Pics, Funny, World News and Technology.  Users can classify which category (sub-reddit) to post their content into, but the goal of all of the users is to share interesting information.

Who Are The Users?

The site appeals to both active and passive participants.

The active participants, who publish and comment on various forms of content, are interested in educating or entertaining others.

The passive participants, who typically visit and read, are more interested in learning or being entertained.

Together, the interaction between these two groups helps explain the site’s popularity, and the impressive August stats reddit recently shared on Twitter:

  • 3.4 Billion Page Views.
  • 42.9 Million Uniques.
  • 17:29 Average Time Spent Per Visit.


In fact, President Obama recently leveraged reddit for a 30-minute Q&A forum.  As you can imagine, the response was amazing, and required reddit to add an additional 30 servers.

The extra servers were a smart move, based on the impressive results.

According to reddit, over 2.9MM page views were generated from the President’s Q&A session on the day of the event, and that number has already surpassed 5MM page views as news spread about the special session.


Five quick steps on how brands can use reddit?

Brands can leverage reddit in a number of ways, but a couple quick suggestions are highlighted below:

1.  Start An Account —Make an official account for your brand and use reddit on a regular basis.  Just like an active user, a brand needs to collect “karma” to help messages break through the clutter.

2. Watch and Learn — Spend time on the site to get a sense of what makes content popular and what doesn’t.

3.  Plan Ahead — When you have big news, plan to be the first to break it on the site.  Don’t let others take your news (or your karma).

4.  Thick Skin — No matter how great your product is, someone won’t like it.  Don’t be afraid of negative feedback; prepare your organization for it, and listen to the feedback of potential consumers.

5.  Experiment — Don’t be afraid to think differently about how your brand can use the site.  Anyone can post a press release, but not every brand can let users ask designers about the new products, or products in development.

From the mouth of reddit

Here’s a tip from Erik Martin, the reddit’s general manager. He told Digiday at the beginning of the year, “if you treat them (Redditors) with respect, show them something relevant and especially if you’re able to interact with them in a meaningful way, there’s high reward.”

You should also know you can’t put ads on reddit like how you can on other sites. Martin suggests, you customize and tailor programs for the reddit platform. That being said, brands will have to rely more heavily on a baked engagement strategy. However, if these strategies are too rigid, you may find you lost that golden opportunity to truly monetize on the conversation that reddit can bring.

Know your audience

According to this Infographic, which lives on Mashable, it clearly shows that reddit is a male dominated site. With that in mind, your engagement strategy and creative content conversation map should be tailored accordingly.

Full Infographic here

Real analytics from a start up with a brand new product – based on a true story

It’s somewhat safe to say that when someone like President Obama jumps onto reddit – you better believe he’s going to have an audience. There are a lot of great success stories. One being with IBM’s Watson but let me dive a bit deeper. There’s no better proof than showing you actual data from a start up that launched a brand new product that nobody has ever heard of. Because this truly displays the power of the platform intertwined with strategy and creativity.

I was chatting with a colleague of mine at Social@Ogilvy, Adam Kornblum, Social Business Producer, who told me an interesting personal story that’s worth sharing. He launched a board game with a seven-time New York Times bestselling author on January 27th of 2012. The day the board game launched, reddit, was one of the first places where the conversation started. In a single day, a brand new product, with a brand new URL, received over four thousand unique visitors. Is this a showstopper? That depends on your KPIs and your rollout plan. However, days later the largest book chain in the United States doubled their inventory. There you have it, a real product with real results on a very real platform.