Mashable COO Adam Ostrow at Social@Ogilvy New York

Rethinking Media & Marketing with the CSO of Mashable @AdamOstrow

Adam Ostrow, Chief Strategy Officer of Mashable, came to Ogilvy & Mather’s New York office last week to brief the agency on what’s next for media and marketing. He also reflected on the current trends in the space.

For a quick background on Adam, he joined Mashable in 2007 as Editor in Chief. He has Authored 2,500+ articles for the online publishing giant, and currently oversees content, bizdev, and the monetization strategy for Mashable.

A few days later this article hit Ad Age “BuzzFeed’s 2008 Investor Pitch: See Jonah Peretti’s Predictions, Right and Wrong.” Although publishing giants Mashable and BuzzFeed differ in content and audience, both seem to be aligning on future trends in publishing.

That said, Adam started the presentation off with a quick historical view of the state of digital media in 2005 and Mashable’s beginning.

He then moved into the state of digital media in 2013.

Following that, he dove head first into trends and insights. The sketch notes and list below provide a glimpse into this.


Here are 9 Trends to Watch for.

1. Self-Publishing Goes Mainstream

– Everyone can be a content creator and it’s low in cost to produce.

2. Financed by Fans

– Crowdfunding dictates what gets made.

3. Rent vs. Owned Model

– Content lives in the cloud.

4. Pay What You Want

– There is a changing relationship between artists and fans.

5. Demand-Based Distribution

– Knowing where the fans are.

6. New Data Sources

– Forget the traffic helicopter. There’s a new way for media sources and the like to get data, and report out on it.

7. Brands as Content Creators

– An old idea is being transformed to the digital age.

8. Social Algorithms

– The world is getting reorganized by social. Search engines increasingly use social signals to rank results. Aggregators like Flipboard, Pulse and use social signals to organize news.

9. Native Advertising

– The business model of social

“As measured by click-through rates, Sponsored Stories in News Feed perform multiple times better on both desktop and mobile than ads in the right-hand column.” -Facebook

Keys for a successful future in the publishing space

How to future-proof for mobile + social:

1. Design for an optimal experience on every device.

2. Develop an expertise in speaking to your brand’s values; not its products.

3. Create content that drives engagement across social platforms.

4. Organize your teams to take advantage of real-time marketing opportunities.

5. Amplify your brand assets with native advertising solutions.

Big investments to watch for at Mashable:

1. Video – YouTube

2. Long form content

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