Successful Video Strategy webinar

Secrets to a Successful Video Strategy

As a brand stepping forward with video for the first time, the choices can seem overwhelming. Everyone knows YouTube is the behemoth, and that three-quarters of the planet seems to be on Facebook. But what about Vine and Instagram? Should you try one before the other, or all at once?

Before jumping all in, you need a plan. The rise of the multi-platform video means that brands must have a multi-platform strategy. Without a plan and a clear sense of each platform’s snowflake qualities—each is different, and requires different storytelling techniques—you’re just shouting into an abyss.

We recently completed a study in partnership with Tubular Labs looking at the performance and nuances of online video platforms, diving into:

  • What is the current online video landscape?
  • What are the pros & cons of each platform?
  • How do you build a cross-platform video strategy?

See the full study and a recording of a webinar with a detailed review of the study below: