Social Digest – Are you smart enough for these jokes?

The internet’s a pretty big place, with lots going on. How can you hope to keep up with it all? Maybe you want to stay up to date with the latest changes to Facebook, but you’re too busy writing that strategy doc. Or you want to find out about the latest and greatest Snapchat campaigns but that content calendar’s taking longer than you thought. OR you really feel like looking for GIFs of Jesse saying “Yeah Science!”  but you’re too busy giggling at GIFs of Gretchen yelling “YOU CAN’T SIT WITH US”.

Whatever it is, I’m here to help. Every 2 weeks, I create Social Digest, a round up of developments to social platforms, great campaigns or ads, emerging networks, viral vids, the latest memes, and of course, GIFs.

So grab a coffee, hang on tight, and stay close, as we attempt to navigate the treacherous and sometimes murky waters of that little thing we call the internet.

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In other news…

  • This is sharp. In some parts of the world, minutes and data allowance on mobile are precious. Clicking an ad in, say, your News Feed, would cost you money. So Facebook have come up with a clever workaround, which they’re testing in India before rolling out to more countries. Clicking an ad places a missed call to the brand, who call you back with branded content, without costing the user any airtime or data
  • How long before we all have one of these in our pockets? (Keep exploring once you’ve clicked the link, I won’t spoil the surprise)


Just for fun

  • How many of these jokes do you genuinely understand? And be honest guys, otherwise you’re only cheating yourself


Worth a Watch


Vine of the Fortnight


GIF of the Fortnight

Social Digest GIF - Are you smart enough for these jokes?
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See you in two weeks for the next edition of Social Digest!


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