Social Digest - Because I'm Appy

Social Digest – Because I’m Appy


The title was a reference to that little-known Pharrell song. Google it. Anyway, welcome back to Social Digest, the fortnightly round up of all things social, straight from Social@Ogilvy London. Get stuck in…



In other news…

  • Facebook launched ‘Save‘, a new bookmarking feature
  • The Fast Company takes a look into Google’s Secret Lab: Google X… “This is the point in the conversation when we start talking, quite seriously, about hoverboards and space elevators.” 
  • Microsoft announced its new consolidated OS which will merge all versions of Windows into one platform
  • It would take you 8 years to watch a Vine from every user. That, and more Vine stats here

Just for fun

  • How many photos can you count here? (You’re wrong. Try dividing your answer by 4)
  • (Silly? Maybe. But this is actually a pretty interesting idea that uses geolocation to visualise 1 millions cats by tracking photo uploads to Flickr, Twitpic and Instagram)

Worth a watch


Infographic of the fortnight

10 myths about the typical YouTube user (If you’re planning a YouTube campaign, you should probably give this a read)

Vine of the fortnight

Zach King with more magic, this time for HP


GIF of the fortnight

This is what happens when you don’t commit

Until next time.