Social Digest – But what do the blue ticks mean?

Social Digest – But what do the blue ticks mean?

Welcome back to Social Digest, the fortnightly round up of all things social, straight from Social@Ogilvy London. Enjoy! 



  • The annual ad that’s guaranteed to make everyone go “N’awwwww”. Parodies here
  • This is the most innovative use of YouTube as a platform, IMHO, since hunter shoots a bear (Press the R key intermittently during the video)


In other news…


  • Google launches Fit

Just for fun


  • Who Is U2? (This feels old now but I’m still including it because you might giggle.)
  • Ever wondered about whether they’d start making First Person Shooter FILMS? Wonder no more (In case you’re interested, like I was, in how this came about, it seems film director Timur Bekmambetov approached the guy who made Bad Motherf*****, the mesmerising FPS music video/short film (which you NEED to watch now if you haven’t seen it yet) and they’re now trying to raise enough cash to create a feature film. Rad.)
  • Oh, you didn’t realise they were selfies? Now you know

Worth a Watch

  • ‘The Instagram Generation’ now experiences the present as an anticipated memory (If you can get past the cheesy voice over and music, it’s actually a pretty profound point)
  • This agency rewards its employees in the most amusingly sadistic way possible (1min20 is GOLD)


Vines of the Fortnight

Samsung’s decent Halloween vines to promote their new vacuum cleaner: herehere, and here


GIFs of the Fortnight

A drone flying through fireworks:


Two feet, four pads:



Cheers, see you in two weeks,