Social Digest - How much would you pay for a full stop?

Social Digest – How much would you pay for a full stop?

Welcome back to Social Digest, the fortnightly round up of all things social, straight from Social@Ogilvy London.

Guess what? This week actually marks 2 years since I started Social Digest. I’m SUPER chuffed that it’s read by so many of you fabulous people around the world, so as a thank you, here’s a little video to let you ‘behind the curtain’ of Social Digest. If you’re interested, give it a watch. If not, scroll on for your usual dose of social media goodness. Enjoy!



In other news…

  • Thousands of private Snapchat images (including naughty selfies) have been leaked online in what’s being dubbed The Snappening
  • Is this the best worst ad of 2014? (Regardless of what you think, you’ll marvel at the fact that somehow it achieved a 110% increase in bookings)
  • Biz Stone will follow up Jelly with Super, the app that puts your words in upper case then plasters an image behind them, so you don’t have to
  • And finally, I never thought that a lack of information about an app would make me download it. But that’s what happened with Ping:


Just for fun

  • Entries from the National Geographic Photo Contest… why WOULDN’T you want to see these? They’re magical


Worth a Watch

God Only Knows

Vine of the Fortnight

Game on

GIF of the Fortnight

2 displays of awesomeness for you this week:

See you soon!