Social Digest - Is It Next Year Yet?

Social Digest – Is it next year yet?

Welcome back to Social Digest, the fortnightly round up of all things social, straight from Social@Ogilvy London. So, for the last time this year, enjoy! 





2014 on…



In other news…


  • Skeletor + Honda = A pretty cool Twitter takeover that many initially thought was a hack
  • And finally, want a LinkedIn endorsement from Liam Neeson? Good luck

Just for fun


  • Oh Benedict… first otters, now milk
  • And finally, help yourself to a badass job title here


Worth a Watch



GIF of the Fortnight


Okay folks, since it’s the last Social Digest of 2014, I thought I’d treat you to a triple dose of wonderful GIF awesomeness…

“You take over from here”

Steady…. steady… hold it… aaaand RUN

Too eager 



See you in 2015, folks!

PS: To all you wonderful people who have read this little newsletter all year, clicked away at the little links, and giggled at the little GIFs, I thank you. Please keep reading, keep sharing, and as ever, if you see anything noteworthy or lolworthy, I’d love to see it too: @biz987