Bethany Mota - Social Matter 2013

Social Matters: 3 Things That Really Matter


It’s an age-old question: what really matters?

Well, we’re not qualified to help you with life philosophy but we do know what matters when it comes to marketing.

Here are three things that really matter for your brand in social media:

    1. Create quality content. It doesn’t have to be as fancy as IBM’s Boy with an Atom, but it should be equally creative or insightful.
    2. Make sure your content is seen. Take a lesson from Thai Life Insurance who effectively utilized their paid, earned and owned media channels for distribution of this tear-jerker.

3.  Measure the impact of the content on business performance, not just the number of video views or shares.

If you’re not sure how to tick these three things off your marketing to-do list then join Social Matters: Asia’s only executive-level business event by the brands and for brands, to assess the underlying value of social media.

For the first time ever it’s happening in Singapore on Friday 23rd May. The focus will be content marketing and we’ll be asking – and answering – all the tough questions of experts from Coca-Cola, Hilton, Visa, Phillips, Line, and more!

Check out what matters and get your tickets here:

Below is an inside look at last year’s Social Matters event featuring YouTube beauty and fashion guru, Bethany Mota.

Bethany Mota - Social Matter 2013 IMG_1435