Social Media Matters Event Recap… P.S. Social Media Does Matter.


Depending on which time zone you are in, the huge event that I’m about to give you a quick Friday afternoon recap on took place yesterday, last night, or this morning. Either way, there’s a good chance this hash tag #SMMAsia raced across your Twitter stream at some point. Social@Ogilvy hosted and created the Social Media Matters event that woke me up this morning (in New York) to an email letting me know that #SMMAsia was a trending topic on Twitter. I checked my phone to verify.

I wasn’t surprised though. After all, Thomas Crampton, Asia-Pacific Director of Social@Ogilvy, his team, supporters, and others, had put together an incredible list of speakers. Just to give you an idea on who spoke here. Below is a list that went out prior to the event. Big thanks to everyone for coming down and sharing their knowledge




Continuing onwards… Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO of the WPP Group, spoke live via Google+. Hangout.. You can actually find a quick video clip of him speaking about social media and why it matters (pun intended). This was tweeted live during the event by Peter Dingle, Interactive Manager, Advertising and Creative Marketing APAC, Intel. The actual Google+ Hangout video to come.

[VIDEOS] Here are some video interviews backstage with some of the other speakers after their panels.

Interview with Gopi Kallayil, Chief Evangelist, Google Social for Brands, Google

Interview with Ken Hong, General Manager, Weibo Marketing Strategy, Sina

Feel free to watch more interviews here.

[NEWS] Here is some news that just went live. Mashable posted a story titled “Facebook Has No Plans to Launch in China.” The article included a discussion that transpired at the event with Jayne Leung, North Asia Director, Facebook. In short, Mashable said that Leung put some of the Facebook rumors to rest that have been floating around since 2007 about the company launching in China under the registered domain name

With all that being said, here’s a quick glimpse of what transpired through the lenses of Ogilvy Hong Kong’s Facebook timeline.

Stay tuned next week for the top five key takeaways from Social Media Matters.

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