Sound Thought Leadership – Lecture and Speech Distribution on Mobile

The three elements of a successful social web campaign should include sound, sight and motionWe’ve discussed using motion (video) in the form of Google video chats and sight (photos) in the form of Instagram and Pinterest as part of a B2B social campaign. Now the third leg of the foundation, sound, takes form and becomes an innovative part of a campaign with the update of SoundCloud as a mobile audio distribution platform for thought leadership.

SoundCloud, founded in 2007, has been the dominant player in audio sharing for emerging music artists. Now companies like McKinsey are adopting the platform at a rapid rate to showcase audio from speeches and lectures as a way to highlight thought leadership beyond the whitepaper and video. SoundCloud depicts audio tracks graphically as waveforms and allows users to comment on specific parts of the track (also known as timed comments).

SoundCloud is used by 20 million registered users worldwide and we expect will grow in usage with the launch of their new mobile app for Android and iOS. Currently 5.7 million users use the mobile app monthly. SoundCloud has added new features that allow for editing and sharing direct from handsets to amplify on blogs and social networks. Companies now have the power to post their own audio creations straight from a mobile device.