Will f-commerce succeed at converting likes to purchases?

F-commerce was a hot topic at WOMMA’s School of WOM last week while success is still largely unproven, some see it as a clear way to start tying social media efforts back to sales the Holy Grail for any brand that’s shifting its budget over to Facebook.

For those new to the topic, f-commerce can refer to sales taking place on Facebook (using a credit card or other form of currency like Facebook Credits), sales taking place on a brand website using Facebook open graph/social plug-ins, and sales taking place at brick-and-mortar locations using Facebook Deals or open graph functionality.

1-800-Flowers set up shop on Facebook in the summer of 2009. Almost two years later, while a whole host of brands have jumped on board, f-commerce is still far from having reached a critical mass. So, what’s stopping consumers (and brands) from diving headfirst into f-commerce?


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